Tuesday 4 June 2013

***CHRIS LEVOIR the subway rider / June 4th news

I put everything on hold yesterday after hearing of a friend's death who also happened to be the singer in a band that I love, THE MARK INSIDE. I will be attempt everything normally today, including the interview I had with TRACHIMBROD and the review of another very talented artist that also died much too young. Those will both be posted separately today, with the interview being posted before lunch.

Here's a great video of Chris Levoir on the subway with some of his music playing. It's awkward. It's funny. It's honest. It's sad and it makes me happy. That's a lot for a 3+ minute video.

Yesterday was certainly a sad day, but the amount of support I saw on social media alone was inspiring.
Here's a short article about Chris that was published by Exclaim yesterday.

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