Wednesday 5 June 2013


This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #12.

Country: Spain
Song: Diez Mil Rostros
Album: 3 Song Demo (Diez Mil Rostros)
Year: 2013
Related artists: N/A
For fans of: Standstill, Sed Non Satiata, La Quiete, Glassjaw and slick, catchy indie rock with a Spanish twist.

LA PARADE is going to be huge. That is, most signs point to the likely scenario of them becoming very popular. After listening to their 3 song demo, titled 'Diez Mil Rostros', I noticed a few things right away:
    #1 = This guy sounds a hell of a lot like the Standstill vocalist. (in an extremely complimentary
    #2 = This band has almost all of the right ingredients to "go big" in place already - and this is
            just a goddamned demo!
    #3 = Their songs are structured in a very straightforward and simple manner, which makes the
            songs sound a little predictable at times, which is their only noticeable flaw.

The band dabbles in soft, instrumental, atmospheric rock that is very reminiscent of Envy's later work and Sed Non Satiata's slower numbers. After a nice little buildup, LA PARADE generally ventures into super catchy choruses (see Standstill) or screamed heavier moments (see Envy). Take a listen to "Descarne" for a prime example of what these guys are capable of.

Download the 3 song demo and decide for yourself. If you dislike it, delete it. Odds are, very little deleting will be taking place. Their next release will be in my top 10 most anticipated releases of the year, for sure.

2013 - Diez Mil Rostros/3 Song Demo cd (stream/download here)

youtube (((((official live video))))) links

LA PARADE - Lunar Eclipse LIVE

Bandcamp Page

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