Tuesday, 14 May 2019

***SPOILED BRAT exclusive song premiere***

"Cumming for Cotton Candy"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofArab On Radar, Daughters, Tweak, Kiss 2, Ultra Dolphins and The Jesus Lizard

Akashita Corp.

SPOILED BRAT are a new band Delaware that are releasing a six-song cassette EP in a few days. I was blown away by the quirky, abrasive and confrontational hardcore that combines the weird of Arab On Radar with the noise of The Jesus Lizard. Inspired by anything THREEONEG and repetitive, noise rock, punk and weird hardcore, the band features members of Dolphin Hotel, Waller, [this is not for you.] and Summons to Yomi. The tapes are out of about 70 and release in full this Friday May 17th, 2019 via Akashita Corp.

(2019) SPOILED BRAT "Cumming for Cotton Candy" (from 'Fuck')
At only 1:05 this track is a clusterfuck. The song fires off in a frenzy and is soaked in sassy, volatile vocals (see Ultra Dolphins) that follow the lead of those pounding drums. Following the 30-second mark it dips into a feedback pit, as most whimpers and sounds are swallowed back in until 48 seconds when the track rips itself from the hole and tears around in a rabid, violent and shrieky fit.


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