Saturday, 4 May 2019

***PODCAST #32 (pt. 3/3) w/Jamie Behar (Lytic, Saetia, Off Minor)***

And thus concludes a very interesting, fun and funny three-part podcast series with Jamie Behar of many bands, but most notably Lytic, Off Minor and Saetia. In the conclusion (linked here and at the bottom of this post) we get a glimpse into the origin story of his style as well as a question/answer from fans including:
- advice for people starting bands
- the scales he digs
- his favourite sci-fi movie
- his favourite candy
- why he stopped the Saetia/Off Minor blogs
- all the things he loves about Massa Nera
- a JD $15K discussion

Here is the facebook event link for day #2 of Zegema Beach Records Fest which LYTIC will be playing, so be sure to come out to Vancouver for the weekend (May 31-June 2). If you're interested in the LYTIC / SHIZUNE split 7" you can listen/donate/download here and order from Zegema Beach Records in the US here or Canada/Internationally here.

ELEMENTS OF NEED - "I Bet You'd Look Great In Silicon" (Jamie)
DAWNBREED - "Abbild Langer Leidensjahre" (Jamie)

8 (no music)
question/answer from fans

(2019) LYTIC "All Bleeding Stops Eventually" (from 'Shizune' split)

PODCAST #32 linked here

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