Friday, 3 May 2019

***SHADOW PEOPLE exclusive video premiere***

exclusive music video premiere
For fans of: Whores, Ken Mode, Slint, Julia, Four Hundred Years, The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul and The Catalyst

SHADOW PEOPLE have been on my radar for almost a year now and I was very impressed with their raw-yet-refined, sassy, unruly and spectrum-shattering hardcore displayed on their newest endeavor 'Secrets' which was released on cd by the band and cassette by Santapogue Media in 2018. The seven-song LP is a wild ride through some treacherous music and deeply personal lyrics, so be sure to check it out as well as this new official music video for "Pamela". Enjoy!

(2019) SHADOW PEOPLE "Pamela" (from 'Secrets') official music video
First off, this was created by WHITEDIRT and they did a great job, with nearly all of this gorgeous music video being shot with the band playing in a kitchen or around their house in Baton Rouge. Beside from being a sick song, the very well-shot and includes a lot of sweet slo-mo shots that transition or cut in and out of regular speed, likely to mirror the style of music the band plays. After a minute of back-and-forth SHADOW PEOPLE fuckery the band spins their wheels through the sludge, coating them in thick, dark molasses that birth the screaming and shrieking that soon follows. Damn that was good. I'm gonna watch that again.


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