Thursday 7 March 2019

***PODCAST #32 (pt. 2/3) w/Jamie Behar (Lytic, Saetia, Off Minor)**

On January 9th, 2019 Jamie Behar was kind enough to give me almost two hours of his time to talk about some bands that led him to the influence and sound he developed with SaetiaOff Minor and now Lytic. I posted part 1/3 a few weeks back (linked here) and this is the second. Find out crucial information including:
- the different iterations of Saetia's sound and early influence
- the correct pronunciation of Clikatat Ikatowi
- Lytic's name, formation and influences
- talkin' bout Frankie
- Swedish screamy hardcore
- the terms "emo" vs. "screamo" vs. "skramz"
- Level Plane Records
- how has the scene changed since the Saetia/Off Minor days

I have broken the podcast into three 35-45 minute parts, the second of them premiering today. Part 3/3 will go up in April, hopefully right in time for the split 7"s with Shizune to start shipping. Speaking of said split 7", you can listen/donate/download here and pre-order from Zegema Beach Records in the US here or Canada/Internationally here.

(2019) LYTIC "All Bleeding Stops Eventually" (from 'Shizune' split)
ANASARCA - "Eugene Debs" (Jamie)

a bunch of LYTIC talk
VIA FONDO - "Rovanniemi" (Dave)

6 (no music)
a bunch of genre talk



PODCAST #32 linked here

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