Thursday, 21 March 2019

***KARLOFF exclusive song premiere***

exclusive song premiere
For fans ofPeople's Temple Project, Raining, Sketchbooks and Slow Fire Pistol

You know No Funeral Records by now, right? Born from the sands of Zegema Beach, this Cambridge, Ontario-based label is run by friends Nate, Alberto and Megan. Today's song premiere (for Nate and Alberto's band, actually) is borrowed from the 'No Funeral Compilation 1' cassette releasing March 28th, 2019. This ridiculous comp includes exclusive songs from Botfly, Gillian Carter, Burial Etiquette, Joliette, Our Wits That Make Us Men, Dianacrawls and Piet Onthel, as well as this KARLOFF jam. So yeah, that's like...mindbogglingly good. You can buy it on tape or if you place an order over $40 you will get one free (while stock lasts, obviously).

(2019) KARLOFF "Borboletta" (from 'No Funeral Compilation 1')
This is a weird/cool song for KARLOFF, and seems like a bit of a one-off in terms of sound and structure. It's jangly, it's poppy, it's chill, it's screamy, it's emo, it's screamo, it's punk...shit what a cop-out of a description. Honestly, it's an uncomfortable but very accessible emo/hardcore song with strained vocals and a focus on the melodic over chaotic. After a lulling midsection the song eventually explodes at 1:46 and hits hyperdrive at 2:05.


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