Saturday 16 March 2019

***KARAT'S GOLD exclusive song premiere***

"You're No Good"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofVon Wolfe, The Chariot, Millions Of Them, Dangers!, Canyons and Every Time I Die

pre-order goes up March 22nd via bandcamp

Today's premiere comes from Pattern Recognition Records, so I honestly didn't even listen to this before saying yes. Once I did take a gander I was quite impressed, and not surprised in the least. The three-piece from Illinois play a postured, mathy and chaotic brand of metallic hardcore. The album is a banger and will be released on the 22nd to pre-order of 50 limited tapes through Pattern Recognition, with the entire thing streaming by the 24th of March.

(2019) KARAT'S GOLD "You're No Good" (from 'Hail Gold!')
This banger opens with a light, awkward and disjointed opening of minimal guitar and some distant screaming before it builds with drums to an explosive second section that reminds me of Von Wolfe and Every Time I Die with a bit of Dangers! and Dillinger Escape Plan thrown into the mix. It's angry, it's violent and it's blatantly confident so I love it. After jamming that shit check out their music video for another track from the 'Hail Gold!' album that releases in about a week!


"Silver Grand Am" official music video

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