Friday, 25 January 2019

***RIPOSTE exclusive song premiere***

"Phyrric Victory"
exclusive song premiere

Bandcamp (goes live Jan 30th)

There's something exciting about hearing something that mixes the familiar and unfamiliar - especially when both of those things end up blending perfectly. Whether the screamy hardcore or playful emo is your thing, there's a whole lot to love about RIPOSTE, the new band featuring Randall Avilez from Heritage Unit and Shawn Decker from Coma Regalia (and 100 other projects). Their 12 track debut "En Garde" is a composite of songs about coming back from everything life has to throw at you including: addiction, depression and abuse. Today we are premiering "Phyrric", the third song from the LP that will go live January 30th, 2019 along with the RIPOSTE bandcamp page. You can nab a copy from Middle Man Records now, though. (pre-order linked here)

(2019) RIPOSTE "Phyrric Victory" (from 'En Garde')
Clocking in at 2:14, "Phyrric Victory" opens with piercing drums with Randall and Shawn screaming simultaneously, but with different vocal patterns. It's kind of a call-and-response but they overlap, and by the 30-second mark the song slows down considerably for some off-time, syncopated and irregular drums and a noodle bowl of guitars. After a minute the track speeds back up again and hits a very engaging groove that brings Pique, King Slender and Coma Regalia to mind. The awesome yelled vocals and climax take hold after 1:30, bringing the song to a very fitting conclusion. Again, the tapes and full LP go live January 30th right here.

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