Saturday, 12 January 2019

***PODCAST #31 w/Lucas Norman (my son)***

Now that Lucas is four and a half, he can #1 hold a conversation and #2 has his own specific tastes, I figured it was time to start an annual podcast with the little fella. He was very, very excited and I've had to cut a bunch of jibber jabber because he want on some gibberish rants, but the entire thing is the shortest podcast I've done in years. In three parts, this podcast is less than 30 minutes, house three songs chosen by myself and three from my son, and is streaming/downloadable for free on bandcamp. I'm hoping to bring him to Zegema Beach Records Fest for a night sometime within the May 31st-June 2nd timeframe, as he has never seen a concert and is ecstatic to go and meet some new people.


QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Sick Sick Sick" (Lucas)
LENTIC WATERS - "Absent" (Dave)

TWENTY TRUCKS - "Dump Truck" (Lucas)
IEATHEARTATTACS - "Refuge Tropicana (demo)" (Dave)

IEATHEARTATTACS - "Drowning is My New Favorite Thing" (Lucas)
JOHN CARPENTER - "Prince of Darkness" (Dave)



PODCAST #31 linked here

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