Friday, 18 January 2019

***DIM INTO DROSS exclusive album premiere***

"Specters of Indifference"
exclusive album premiere
For fans ofStraight No ChaserCapsuleGraf Orlock, Worst Days, Greyskull and Euclid C Finder

Following up the song premiere from a few days back, this is the full LP premiere of DIM INTO DROSS' 'Specters of Indifference' in all its glory. Featuring members from Massa NeraMiriamPermanent TensionBury YourselfEntiaInvalids and In Angels, this very technical hardcore album is right up a lot readers' alley, I would think. Take a listen now, and grab it from the DIM INTO DROSS bandcamp page as of Saturday, January 19th.

(2019) DIM INTO DROSS 'Specters of Indifference'

1 - "Heritage" (1:08) = a raging opener

2 - "Episode" (1:22) = huge breakdown at 20 seconds

3 - "Interview With a Job" (1:22) = the sweeps, THE SWEEPS!

4 - "We Will Break This" (1:31) = pulverizing double-bass

5 - "End Begin End" (1:07) = ridiculously chaotic/amazing, kinda Hayworth/Euclid C Finder

6 - "Osidian" (2:44) = a longer, chiller post-hardcore venture with an explosive first minute

7 - "That's Crazy Glue" (1:07) = in short, a mindfuck

8 - "Where Are You" (0:55) = shortest song, feels twice as long with that gargantuan second half

9 - "Learning Difference" (1:38) = non-stop guitar wizardly, good god

10 - "Posthumous Book Club" (2:32) = epic, all-encapsulating closer

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