Tuesday, 15 January 2019

***DIM INTO DROSS exclusive song premiere***

"Learning Difference"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofStraight No Chaser, Capsule, Graf Orlock and Euclid C Finder

Today's song premiere from DIM INTO DROSS was sent to me by my friend Allen in Massa Nera, Miriam, etc. which obviously peaked my interest mighty quick. Almost all songs are 1-2 minutes in length and combine dizzying time changes and riffs with an unrelenting onslaught and hardcore yells that almost border on screams. I would be more inclined to call this mathy, metallic hardcore as opposed to screamo, but the two really aren't that far from each other sometimes. I needed to choose a song/single to premiere (which I'm usually quite efficient at) but after jamming the first five songs (out of 10) I was bewildered at which of these phenomenal mathy nugs to present to you all. After much soul searching and weeping in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, I chilled the fuck out and came to the revelation that in just just three short days (that's Friday, by my count) we will premiere the full album 'Specters of Indifference' right here! This is currently a digital release with physicals being discussed, but not cemented. For accuracy's sake, I will list the affiliated bands: Massa Nera, Miriam, Permanent Tension, Bury Yourself, Entia, Invalids and In Angels. Now get ready for some seriously original, technical, sick shit right here.

(2019) DIM INTO DROSS "Learning Difference" (from 'Specters of Indifference')
So I eventually settled on premiering the second last track "Learning Difference", primarily due to those jaw-dropping guitar progressions. The song is only 1:38, which is actually a bit on the long side for DIM INTO DROSS, and it begins with a rolling section that cycles back through via a chunky palm mute. And then the guitar wizardry begins, bringing to mind Capsule if they slowed things down a tad. The ending is sensational, whipping that tappy shit around in a tornado of breakdowns and screaming. Good god man, this is amazing.

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