Wednesday, 17 April 2019

***TERRIFYING GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL exclusive premiere***

exclusive 3-song premiere
For fans ofThe Blood Brothers, Short Hair, Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and Innards

I am very stoked to bring you three brand spankin' new tracks from my local Vancouver friends TERRIFYING GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL. The band features members of Diva Plavalaguna and Double Standards, some of who help run Emocat Records. The three songs will appear on their debut LP titled 'Spooky Girls' Gymnasium' releasing in full this Friday on cassette and digtially in conjunction with the band's release show at The Avant-Garden in Vancouver that I will be attending, distroing and filming which I've linked here. You can pre-order tapes or robot-zap it digitally by going to the Emocat Records bandcamp page.

The songs that you can jam below are very sassy with an unmistakable Blood Brothers influence, but there's more at work including some serious shrieking, the slightest of folk/country influence and strong ties to screamo. Guitarist/vocalist Miggy had this to say:

"This record has been a long time coming with songwriting spanning multiple years, some songs back from when we were a three piece. Bands that might be interested in coming to Vancouver and playing with us should get in contact with us or Emocat Records."

(2019) TERRIFYING GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL "Diving Bell + Beach Town Chillzone + Teresa Of The Faint Smile" (from 'Spooky Girls' Gymnasium')


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