Friday, 12 April 2019

***DISILLUSIONIST video premiere***

semi-exclusive video premiere
For fans ofYoung Mountain, Suffocate For Fuck Sake, Zilp Zalp, Frail Body and IEatHeartAttacks

We, along with that sick new blog Captured Howls, are premiering the official music video for "Deliverance", the opening track by DISILLUSIONIST from their new screamo/melodic hardcore EP 'the fire on the freeway as seen from the mountains' released by Dasein Records. The music video is brand spankin' new while the EP was officially released on January 4th of this year. The band features an ex-member of Dynablaster and the video was created by Matthew S. McCroskey (@hhazelboyy).

(2019) DISILLUSIONIST "Deliverance" (from 'the fire on the freeway as seen from the mountains') official music video

This is a lyric music video with a strong 80s VHS feel to it. The clipshow cuts in time with the music, giving the lack of a band in the video a pass as the visual/audio tie-in does a great job of making the video and song feel complete together. The drums are generally at the forefront, with the swirling, driving guitars and bass mixing with the often-maniacal screaming and the occasional spoken-word section. The most obvious comparison is probably Young Mountain's heavier/faster material but the drums give me a Frail Body vibe for sure. Good work!


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