Tuesday, 24 October 2017

***WOLF TEETH two-song exclusive premiere***

"Thread Count" + "Fractures"

pre-orders available via Flower Pot Records soon

WOLF TEETH are from Ohio in the U.S.A. and will be releasing a cassingle from Flower Pot Records that will only be available at shows. The songs were recorded during the band's upcoming LP session by James Sayers that was mixed and mastered by Ryan Crawford at Bent Wookie Studios.

The two songs being premiered today are quite different and showcase WOLF TEETH's various influences without being able to peg any single one down. "Thread Count" is super intense and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a WOLF TEETH fan who doesn't think this is their best song. It begins with a brief, lulling intro that abruptly stops, only to come back full-force, complete with awesome screaming from vocalist Eddy. And oh my, that bass is fucking stupid good. The song slips into a few different transitions reaching into different territory but always comes back to that great opening riff which brings Youth Novel to mind, save the ending which is screamy metalcore complete with a dual-screaming breakdown not unlike early From A Second Story Window. "Fractures" is very subdued and could be labeled hardcore/post-hardcore before anything screamy. I'm reminded of a bit of Helmet and Snapcase as the song has a very different feel to it, accentuated most obviously by the slower pace and doubled song length.

This is the first original release with their drummer Jason Mele and guitarist Robert McBride, and plan on doing many a weekend tour in 2018 to support the recordings. I am stoked for the LP, especially considering my affinity for "Thread Count". The band most recently contributed to the Jeromes Dream tribute cassette 'It's More Like An Homage To You' and is linked on youtube here. OMSB reviewed WOLF TEETH's discography as of June 2015 in this post linked here. Alrighty, premiere time!!!

(2017) WOLF TEETH - "Thread Count" (from 'Cassingle')
"There it is! Can't you see it? There's a beast beside my bed. It spits and it gnashes and it fills my heart with dread. I am bound to this cot shell coffin, my shroud - made of high thread cotton, and though the sun shines through my window, I only notice the cold beneath my pillow. Outstretched and unable to express, out of reach, prepared to greet death. You can not see the fear in me, you can not see that I am empty. "Get dressed! My lover's lazy!" I beg reprieve. Tomorrow I shall kill the  beast, but today I'll hide under these sheets."

(2017) WOLF TEETH - "Fractures" (from 'Cassingle')
"Fractures in the pavement / Imperfections in the painting / I never noticed / I never cared / I saw the colors not the cracks / I saw the people waving back / We walk towards the dollar. We sleep between the dreams of bankers and kings. We waste away watching mannequins make amends to their morals we waste away you and me. Mirrors in our palms keep us from losing contact we don't touch much we just smile when we see our own reflection. Who needs a hand to hold when we're counting down the red dots trying to make a digital brand to bulge our billfolds? I'm just as guilty as you / Hey man I'm no slave / I have my own devices / Yeah vices / I want a world that says it's sorry / I want a world that wishes me well / I want a world that keeps its promises / I want a world that looks me in the eyes. Put It Down!"

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