Monday, 16 October 2017

***IBURIEDYOURFLOWERS exclusive premiere***

'Love Is When You Leave' EP
For fans of: Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth, Fraera and Aviator

A few weeks ago Daniel G. Wilson posted a track from St. Catherines, Ontario's IBURIEDYOURFLOWERS in an online group. I liked what I heard and told him so. He then regurgitated my compliments to the band and told them to get in touch with me. And now here we are. On this debut, 6-song release titled 'Love Is When You Leave' IBURIEDYOURFLOWERS explore post-hardcore with a fair amount of clear, screamo influences. There are yelled, not really screamed vocals, sometimes with more than one member sharing the duties. The post-hardcore instrumentals range from fast and punishing, tracks "Standard Callback (No One Online)", "A Bird in the Bush Usually Has a Friend in There With Him" (previously released on the IBURIEDYOURFLOWERS bandcamp page, linked here) and the slightly slower and more melodic "Fix Your Heart Because Mine's Already <3" to "Iburiedyourflowers", a completely instrumental, ambient jam. "A Bittersweet Narrative" builds on some tranquil guitar progressions before letting loose at 50 seconds in a style not unlike Pianos Become The Teeth. Closer "Love Is When You Leave" is a builder that is probably the most well-rounded of the six songs. Give them all a listen below!

"Standard Callback (No One Online)"

"A Bird in the Bush Usually Has a Friend in There With Him"

"Fix Your Heart Because Mine's Already <3"


"A Bittersweet Narrative"

"Love Is When You Leave"

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