Wednesday 8 May 2013

May 8th - IN REVERENT FEAR of another record

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s eighth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #6:

Let's start with an educational story. My post-university friend was talking to me about Alexisonfire and how they were the best. At this point their self-titled record has recently been released, and let's be honest, that first album is a goddamn post-hardcore (and perhaps even screamo) masterpiece. Anyway, I agreed that Alexisonfire was a fine band, and I asked him if he'd ever heard of IN REVERENT FEAR. He said no. I said check'em out. He said it's a waste of time, they couldn't hold a torch (ha! #1) to Alexisonfire. I gave him the cd, and after I made him promise to listen to it that night. I awoke the next morning to find him hounding the hallway of our apartment (I may be embellishing a little here) waiting for me to wake up. He basically said that IN REVERENT FEAR blew Alexisonfire out of the water (ha! #2).

This is one of the main reasons that I started this blog - the vast majority of people don't spend hours every day sifting and searching for new and exciting music, and that's okay! Some people don't care much about their music in general so they don't want to put in that additional effort. That's where I come in (and other "obsessives" of musical sub-culture) - to provide other people direct access to GOOD music. The music being pushed on this blog has been in no way; backed by giant corporations, involved in payola scandals, based on the aesthetics of the musicians or their beliefs. This is about music, plain and simple. MUSIC! This isn't a goddamn fashion show. It's not a popularity contest. And, for me and most of the bands listed here that I've spoken to, it sure as hell isn't about the money. Sometimes, though, a band changes musical styles much to the chagrin of their fans. Hmmm, I would argue that those bands are in the right though, as long as they are making music that makes them happy.

IN REVERENT FEAR released a masterpiece of an album back in 2003, titled 'Written in the AM' and then proceeded to write one of the worst records that I've ever heard (in terms of a band's potential going right down the goddamn shitter) in 2006 called 'Stomacher', which is the last thing I can do with that massive flaming pile of fecal matter (Ha! #3).

So, let's talk about 'Written in the AM', finally.

In 2003, there wasn't any of this neo-screamo bullshit, so try to place yourself in that era - or your bias might taint your experienc. This is a great mix of extremely heavy post-hardcore/metal (listen to 'Santa Ana' to have your face melted) and softer, almost Saosin-sounding, poppier moments (listen to Yearbook Signing Party' for a song that showcases both extremes). I should point out that they should not be considered 'poppy', the guitars are still thick and heavy, but the vocalist just doesn't scream like a maniac the whole time. The vocalist is the apex of this band, for sure. The emotion put into the singing and screaming on this album is astounding - especially considering there is none of that protools horseshit going on here. The best band amalgamation that comes to mind to describe IN REVERENT FEAR is Hopesfall, Alexisonfire and (Anthony Green-era) Saosin. Honestly this release is a 9.5/10 for me.

Which brings me to 'Stomacher'. If you get into this band, just don't. Please. It's like watching Star Wars 1-3 after seeing 4-6. I despise that 'album'.

IN REVERENT FEAR - discography (download mp3 discography here)

IN REVERENT FEAR - Santa Ana (audio link to youtube)

IN REVERENT FEAR - Yearbook Signing Party


  1. Good morning bro! can you please reupload this?i can't find it anywhere.thanx a lot

    1. Of course! Here you go:!gcUD0SYL!C0vQ8ePo9268BwJ0TdqdgC01TjIAjWqw51fzqtu0I0I

  2. I dont know man. I didnt like Stomacher at first but now its one of my favourite albums of all time, along with the first one. When they changed their name to Stomacher they got real shit though. Thanks for the link for the first album, could not find it anywhere!

    1. It's been a few years and I can't stomach Stomacher (ha). Glad you got the first LP, though. That album fucking shreds!!!

  3. Was listening to Written In The AM just last week; incredible album. I think many people, from what i heard at the time anyway, wrote them off as Glassjaw rip-offs. Which annoyed me, as that was only similar in the vocal delivery.

    Inbetween WITA and that Stomacher bollocks, they released a demo. Not sure if you've heard it, but it's really bloody good actually. One ripper, a softer one, and another somewhere in between. Pretty sure there were four tracks, but I can't find the other one. I thought I would link them for anyone interested, as I never see them mentioned; rather like the band!

    The Logician -
    John Coffey -
    The Butcher/the Barber -

    1. Good lord I didn't know about these! Any chance you know where to get the mp3s? THANK YOU!