Monday 6 May 2013

May 6th - DANIEL STRIPED TIGER will rip your face off - in a good way

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s sixth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #9:

Holy god, DANIEL STRIPED TIGER occupied about 33% of my playlist in 2012. After picking up a cheap 7" entitled 'The Desert Bird', I thought to myself, "Shit, these guys sound like The Wolves, only better! If you are unfamiliar with the seminal screamo band The Wolves and you like screamo, what the hell are you doing? Get on that.

Okay, so Daniel Striped Tiger play a spastic and dirty rock style of screamo. You've got your guy screaming/yelling. You've got some sick fills and a very fast tempo. You've got a bassist jammin' out with a bowl-cut. You've got 2 guitarists doing some crazy mathy stuff on their guitars, which when heard individually seem a little strange - but layer one guitar over the other and they play a seamless, catchy and explosive style of screamo with a bit of a country-tinge. I hate country music, but I get that vibe from time to time - although not in a bad way.

They have a pretty extensive discography:
2004 - The Desert Bird EP
2005 - Condition LP
2006 - Capital Cities EP/LP
         - Split 7" w/They and the Children
2008 - Split 7" w/Sinaloa
2009 - Certain Stuff LP (compilation of previous releases)
2010 - Split 7" w/Cool Kids
2011 - No Difference LP

I haven't heard anything from them recently, so I've assumed they've broken up and broken my heart in the process.

Listen to the song listed on the mix, entitled Goldwood from the 'No Difference' LP because those guitar riffs are the best the band has ever done. Also get a copy of 'The Desert Bird' and give it a good 3 listens before you make up your mind.
DANIEL STRIPED TIGER - Goldwood (audio link to youtube)

DANIEL STRIPED TIGER - The Midday Heat (audio link to youtube)

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