Monday 20 May 2013

May 20th - ORCHID beautiful destruction

This post's artist (ORCHID) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #14.

Do I really even need to write anything here? If you know anything about screamo, you already know ORCHID. If you don't know ORCHID, you aren't listening to screamo. ORCHID never wanted to be called screamo, so perhaps I should just fuck the genrefying (this is not a word, but I'm trying my damndest).

ORCHID existed for 5 short years but released 3 of the most influential, heavy and intelligent albums associated with the punk and hardcore scenes. To describe them as efficiently as possible, I would say they played an extremely fast and tight style of caustic hardcore with screamed vocals and sassy lyrics.

Will Killingsworth is also well-known for his recording abilities, as he has had a hand (or two) in recording some of my favourite bands:
Jeromes Dream
Transistor Transistor
Birthday Boys
Welcome the Plague Year
June Paik

ORCHID fractioned into the following bands, or I should mention that these are the bands that I am aware of? Whatever:
Ampere (the most popular of these bands, this was Will Killingsworth's baby)Vaccine (Will played bass in this band)
Laceration (Will played guitar in this band)
No Faith (Will did vocals)
Wolves (bassist's band, who were amazing, and honed/created the sound employed by Daniel Striped Tiger)
Bucket Full of Teeth (metal/doom/apocalypse/rock/screamo supergroup)
Panthers (the vocalist's new band, sassy rock that sounds like ORCHID-light with no screaming)

This year, DogKnight Productions released an ORCHID tribute album, titled 'Epilogue of a Car Crash! A Tribute to Orchid!' - which I strongly recommend picking up (compilation of the year, hands down). You can grab a copy here. and stream 2 amazing covers from the album here (Carrion Spring) and here (Sed Non Satiata).

1999 - Chaos is Me 12"LP

2000 - Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! 10"LP

2001 - Orchid (also known as the 'Gatefold' album) cd/12"LP

*2002 - Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! + Chaos is Me cd (compiles the first 2 full lengths)

*2005 - Totality cd (compiles all early works that are NOT on the other 3 full lengths, totalling more than 20 tracks)

ORCHID - And the Cat Turned to Smoke (audio link to youtube) from 'Chaos is Me'

ORCHID - New Jersey vs. Vallhala (audio link to youtube) from 'Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!'

ORCHID - A Visit from Dr. GoodSex (audio link to youtube) from 'Orchid'

ORCHID - New Ideas in Mathematics (audio link to youtube) from 'Totality'


  1. No member of Orchid was in Montcalm actually. The singer of Ampere was in Montcalm though.

    1. It seems you are right. I could have sworn that I read that Will was in Montcalm. Thanks for the correction!

  2. Wasn't Brad from Transistor a touring member of Orchid for a while?