Sunday 12 May 2013

May 12th - TWO GALLANTS and one confused blogger

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s eleventh official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

 This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #16:

I don't like country. I don't like folk. But I like TWO GALLANTS. "2 wrongs make a right, Lisa."

What does this duo sound like? Well, as implied by my previous statements, it's county-tinged folk music that sounds a hell of a lot like Bob Dylan, vocally and at times lyrically.

After a few years of hermitting (yeah, I made that a verb), they re-emerged last year with an extremely explosive album that leans much more towards rock than their earlier releases.

I've had a rough day, and to be honest - I put this band on the mix because they're the only band in this genre that doesn't make me cringe. Perhaps I'm trying to be more eclectic than I really am. This stuff is good, but it's not awesome. If you like country or folk music in any way, give this a listen for sure. Otherwise, I have idea what reaction you may have to this.

These guys have a pretty extensive discography, but I will only list what I have:

2007 - The Scenery of Farewell cd/EP (meh...)

2007 - Two Gallants cd/LP (a couple of decent tracks, specifically 'The Hand that Held Me Down' and 'Despite What You've Been Told')

2012 - The Bloom and Blight (probably the best overall album, but it has nothing on the 2 songs mentioned on the previous effort)

TWO GALLANTS - My Love Won't Wait (official video link to youtube)

TWO GALLANTS - Despite What You've Been Told (audio link to youtube)

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