Wednesday 1 May 2013

May 1st - STEPHEN BRODSKY is my Godsky

***STEPHEN BRODSKY exclusive interview at OMSB***

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s first official post! The MP3 mix for May will be linked later tonight.

It's time for a music and information onslaught.

FROM THE April 2013 Mix, this is track #19:

Do you even know who STEPHEN BRODSKY is? If you do - high five! If not, you've got your work cut out for yourself. Stove Bredsky (as he also refers to himself) has been tied to the following bands:
Cave In - Converge - Stephen Brodsky - Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum - Stove Bredsky - Kid Kilowatt - New Idea Society - Pet Genius - Sacrifice Poles ------------- and those are just the bands I know about!

Today, I will be focusing solely on his solo stuff under the following monikers: 'Stephen Brodsky', 'Stove Bredsky' and 'Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum'.

What does he sound like, you ask? Well, I guess he sounds like The Beatles. I don't even listen to The Beatles, but I truly think that Stephen Brodsky is the best musician of our (my) generation. Seriously, listen to his solo stuff and work your way across his other bands and you will see how ridiculously versatile he is. I honestly believe that everyone who likes 'rock' will, at the very least, respect this guy. His vocal melodies are absolutely stunning and his songs are all very original and catchy as hell - without being cheesy.

Most of his stuff is acoustic with layered vocals, is very stripped down, and it generally wavers somewhere between being dreamy/beautiful (listen to Beautiful Breakup from 'My Favourite Song Writers Compilation' or anything from his new 'Hit or Mystery' EP) to raw and filled with energy (listen to "Gap Girl" and the song I have posted, "Here in Spirit") which have a more garage-rock kind of feel.

His discography that I am aware of/own:

1999 - Expose Your Overdubs LP
2001 - Comp = Masculine Makeover - "Sallow"
2002 - Ole Sunday EP
2002 - Spiral Sounds cd (included with Ole Sunday)
2004 - Comp = My Favourite Song Writers - "Beautiful Breakup"
2006 - Comp = It Came From The Hills - "Wintermean Crimes"
2006 - Split = Ramona Cordova cd
2006 - Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum cd
2008 - A Shoebox Tuneful 4cd Set/book limited to 100 (if you have one of these and want to sell it, please let me know!)
2008 - Comp = Seaweed Tribute - "Chalk the Cracks"
2010 - Here's To The Future tape
2013 - Hit Or Mystery EP

Everything listed here has dreamy and garage-y tracks except for the following:
-the Octave Museum has a backing band (which means its pretty much the same as Pet Genius)
-the new 'Hit Or Mystery' EP is all dreamy with little-to-no bouncy garage tracks

I would start with the Ole Sunday/Spiral Sounds combo pack (assuming you can find it) because that is the best overall representation of Mr. Godsky. I find each album generally has about 65% awesomeness and 35% mehness.

This is one of his darker songs, but again, I highly suggest getting all of his readily-available material.
I have uploaded a condensed version of 'Here in Spirit' from the "Here's to the Future" release on Youtube so click on the highlighted text or the picture below for the link.


  1. It seems you do not have The Black Ribbon Award on that list. It is a must for any Brodsky fan! I believe it was released in the mid-2000s when he was taking a few to many illegal substances (tis not a bad thing.) Definitely worth checking out! Cheers.

    1. I will be doing separate posts for all of his projects. Including Stove and Pet Genius. Sacrifice Poles is next, though. Thanks for reading!!!