Wednesday 1 May 2013

May 2013 MP3 Mix +++ Site Launch!

Hey everybody,

after a month of nurturing this wee seedling of passion, it's time to set it loose on your brain. So get your hacksaw ready - and open that skull wide!!!

This post includes the second MP3 Mix (including everything under the 'rock' spectrum, especially the obscure stuff) - so if you don't already know the deal, it's this:

On the 1st of every month, I will be posting a ZIP file with songs for the upcoming month with ALL specifics deleted from the tags, so unless you already know the band, there is NO information regarding each track. During the month, I will post reviews for those bands and link the tracks to the review so you can associate the two together. This way you can listen to a new song/band and have as little bias as possible.

Linked below is the first of the mixes, tracked #1-30 with no further identifiable information - except awesomeness.

Check back daily for random updates, while the reviews will for the MAY MIX will be posted in June. As stated, the reviews will be directly connected to the monthly MP3 mixes.

Included this month are:
- the best math-metal band of all time
-arguably one of the most influential screamo bands, whose name no one knows how to pronounce
-my #1-  top of the list - most favourite all time band in the history of history
-an amazing new band out of Spain that you've never heard of
-a band that mixes Radiohead with a post-hardcore and does it seemlessly

 You will need winzip to unzip the file. If you don't know how to use winzip, just go to and click on Download WinZip, and then on the next page click on Download WinZip Now. Open or save the file and run winzip so it installs on your computer. Now click the link below to download the MP3 mix, and when it finishes use WinZip to 'extract' the files to your computer. Any questions? Post.

If you would like anything reviewed/posted, please email Dave here (for now) OR post a message.


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