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May 13th - LOMA PRIETA are destroying the foundation of heavy music and building anew

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s thirteenth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

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This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #13:

This band ate up about 33% of my listening time in 2012. They chose a very fitting band name - the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 for two reasons. The first is rather obvious - the earthquake and the band originated in San Francisco in the US. The second, LOMA PRIETA, the band, use massive soundscapes that wreak havoc and cause mass destruction, just like the earthquake. This band takes that concept and employs it as an aural assault on your very being with  glimmers of tranquility. Heavy. Thick. Distorted. Intrusive. Discordant. Manic. Peaceful. Beautiful. Grooving. Those are all pretty apt adjectives. Members from this band have or do play in: Beau Navire, Sailboats and Us, Haunted Bodies.

2005 - cdr

2006 - Our LP is Your EP (super screamy, very Jeromes Dream-y) (PURCHASE HERE)

2006 - Compilation > Emo Apocalypse (contributed 37 second 'Untitled' song)

2007 - Matrimony 7" (same as above)

2008 - Last City LP/cd (their classic album which moved to a more melodic and atmospheric sound, while still retaining their initial abrasiveness) (PURCHASE LP HERE)

2009 - Dark Mountain EP (the most 'punk' of their releases, some classics on here as well) (PURCHASE HERE)

2010 - Life/Less (an absolutely scathing record that launched their sound found on later recordings) (PURCHASE HERE)

2011 - Split 7" w/Punch (meh)

2011 - Compilation > Comadre Mixtape Vol. 4 (contributed 'Trilogy 4' demo)

2012 - IV LP/cd (sits at the top as their best record along with 'Last City', this shows the band further experimenting with an almost acidic sound, packing together as much controlled mayhem as possible with occasional bouts of grooving melodies and even some twinkling > see my favourite song, 'Biography') (PURCHASE HERE)

2013 - Spit 7" w/Raein (awaiting my copy, but Raein are gods) (PURCHASE HERE)

If you ever have the chance to see these guys live, do it - but make sure you memorize their songs first. Live, it's a very thick and feedback-soaked experience to the point where it's actually hard to hear what's really going on.


LOMA PRIETA - Fly By Night (link to official music video on youtube)

LOMA PRIETA - Uniform (link to live video on youtube)

Here is a link to one of the two guitar players' merch store

Here is a link to my LOMA PRIETA review of 'IV' on

Here is a link to the track-listing of a partial discography cd that was released in 2009.

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