Wednesday 18 January 2023

*** PODCAST #107 Jon Rosenthal (Boreal, Starless Domain, Invisible Oranges, etc.) ***

     Many moons ago I wrote a screamo article for Invisible Oranges and thus became acquainted with Jon Rosenthal of...uhhhhh about 24 different things. A very busy, positive, and influential person, he took two hours to chat with me about tons of stuff like the Invisible Oranges + Zegema Beach Records Fest 2023 partnership, as well as: his desert island jam, Overdriven Distortion, Garry Brents love, notes on burzum being a piece of shit, what is atmospheric black metal?, co-running Nebulae Artifacta with Anthony, co-running Invisible Oranges with Ted, Nerver's good, best recent submission and coolest thing to happen because of Invisible Oranges, Nu-Metal podcast, Cosmic Hearse blog, Brandon Nurick, blog inspiration, best albums/movies/shows of 2022, ZBR Fest 2023 discussion and props to Seb Alvarez and Dave Cullen, etc. Bands played in this podcast: пустота, Cara Neir, Doldrum, 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal, Sons Of Saturn, and World Narcosis. Listen to podcast #107 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.





1 Bad Religion ruined my life
CARA NEIR "Closing Doors" (Jon)
пустота "предсмъртен блян" (Dave)

2 Nebulae Artifacta & Boreal talk
DOLDRUM "The Abduction" (Jon)
WORLD NARCOSIS "Lyruljóra" (Dave)

3 A Mutually Beneficial Relationship
1000 TRAVELS OF JAWAHARLAL "With Smile and Slobber" (Jon)
SONS OF SATURN "Even seventh heaven" (Dave)



PODCAST #107 linked here


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