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on January 21st, 2023

Live Show Review

     So I have been on Vancouver Island for four years and it wasn't until Hexis came to Nanaimo in the spring of 2022 that I finally ventured out to a show. There were a few reasons, but the main one was when I tried finding the scene online (in Nanaimo in particular) through facebook groups I kept coming up very empty handed. I therefore couldn't find anyone to start a decent band, nor did any bands that I did find appeal to me. Since then I have found The Monarch, Tapioca, Liminal Shroud, and Jisei aaaaaaaand I founded an emo-violence/screamo band with my island buddy Dalton. So things are definitely looking up.

     I was invited to this show because someone who supports Zegema Beach told me that their son played in one of these bands and then Drue from Bonnuit sent me an introductory email asking if I wanted to come see the show. So I did. And now I know double the bands and people on the island. That was fun and I'm excited to do it again. The next show I'll be at is the Mares Of Thrace show in Victoria on February 18th. Additional thanks to Kai, Kyle, Brian, Josh, Austin, Chelsea, and those two other guys with "B" names that I am currently forgetting.

     The opener was twangy, fun, rock'n'roll? I don't really know this isn't the style of music I know too well but I definitely enjoyed their set especially the dual vocals. I spoke with their drummer in the bathroom line and he explained it was only the band's third show. In this video you can watch Brian knock a painting off the wall and it land on his head, but he was able to save it before it all came crashing down. Heroic.
For fans ofDinsaur Jr. and Sebadoh


     I knew nothing about any of these bands (done on purpose) so when she finished her quick setup and began her mesmerizing drone/folk/ambient/rock from Toronto I was astounded. Her voice is awesome, very powerful but also original in both the sound and the occasional additional flair in delivery. We also spoke after the show as she reminded me of a Ramona Cordova meets Grouper mixture. Great stuff, (she even played a Black Sabbath cover) and the song I've embedded below is totally new!!!
(2023) GILLIAN STONE "Endless Journey Pt.1" (from her next album)
For fans ofGrouper and Ramona Cordova

extra video: :"Amends"

     Drue (the inviter) plays guitar in this band and they played really cool, artsy, and abrasive rock not unlike Sonic Youth, and are described on their bandcamp page as post-punk shoegaze. The three piece had a wide variety of sounds so this video doesn't really do them justice but it's just another reason to check them out as they seem to play the island quite frequently and have an LP in the works. Thanks again for the invite Drue <3
(2023) BONNUIT
For fans ofSonic Youth and Pavement


     This Victoria band seems to be garnering quite a following, and after seeing them live I am official one of the followers. This new five-piece includes two guitarists as well as a violinist, collectively concocting a very unique and mature sound for a such a young group of individuals. They played a few songs ranging from alternative/sing-along "Closer" (for which they released a video last week, embedded at the bottom of this post) to post-hardcore with yellin' with a song about pirates, but I don't know if the actual title is "The Pirate Song". Fret not, I expect to be posting about them multiple times in the future so we'll get to the bottom of it.
* Oh also, very funny part in the video embedded below, after using a bow for a few parts Bonnuit tossed it to the side where it lay until the Hillsboro set. The vocalist/guitarist of Hillsboro sees the discarded bow and uses it briefly before tossing it aside. The bassist sees the flying bow, stops playing and holds it out the violinist who is still using their own bow from the set, thus sending the bassist into a spiral of confusion, all caught on video. I laughed and I laughed. Too good.
(2023) HILLSBORO "The Pirate Song" (not necessarily the actual title) (from 'upcoming EP')
For fans ofSpielbergs and American Football

extra video: "Closer"


HILLSBORO "Closer" official music video

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