Sunday, 4 November 2018

***PODCAST #29 w/Sarah James Page (Bungus, Minitel)***

Upon moving to Vancouver Island I have had but one constant friend/contact here, and that is Sarah. I met Sarah at my first Vancouver show (linked here) in the first quarter of 2018 and...well, why not just listen to the podcast? It's all in there. This was one of those times where the other person just kept showing me gold, as Sarah played music with all the right feels. This particular podcast is a much heavier one, focusing primarily on math-metal, grindcore, false grind and some sassy shit. As per usual it's free to stream and download and the songs and links are provided at the bottom of this post. I've also included a clip of one of our demos that we are working on, which definitely gives nods to a few bands and styles discussed in the podcast.

"My Kamikaze Jeans" (unfinished demo)

TOWER OF ROME - "I Want My Fifty Dollars" (Sarah)
HAYWORTH - "The dog walked itself home, ate a pizza and took a nap" (Dave)

INSIDE THE BEEHIVE - "150 Degrees in the Shade" (Sarah)
EUCLID C FINDER - "A Rumination on Empty Years" (Dave)

TRANSGRESSION - "Power Shift" (Sarah)
FRONTIERER - "Tumoric" (Dave)
ADMIRAL ANGRY - "Like Taking Arthropods From You Know What, Fuck You" (Sarah)

FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES - "Should Have Stayed in the Shallows" (Dave)
HAPPY FACE - "Close the Door" (Sarah)

THE LOVE AND TERROR CULT - "We are You On Fire" (Dave)
CIRCLE THE SKY - "A Lustful Trauma" (Sarah)



PODCAST #29 linked here

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