Wednesday, 7 November 2018

***BURIAL ETIQUETTE exclusive song premiere***

"Empathy to Apathy"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofInfant Island, Bright Calm Blue and City Of Caterpillar

Last week I was sent the demo of a three-piece that hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario and formed earlier in 2018, and am stoked to bring you the first BURIAL ETIQUETTE track, cuz this shit is goooood. Releasing on tape November 14th via my good friends over at Emocat Records in Vancouver (for North America) and Dasein Records (in Europe), the debut five-track EP mixes driving, screamy hardcore with spacey, epic post-hardcore. It was recorded and mixed by the band, with Will Killingsworth laying down a hand for mastering and Connie Sgarbossa taking care of the art.

(2018) BURIAL ETIQUETTE - "Empathy to Apathy" (from 'Burial Etiquette')

The opening jam on their self titled debut, "Empathy to Apathy" begins with distant spoken word and minimal instrumentals that heave and swell for over a minute. There's a guitar progression that cuts through it all and corrals the screaming by 1:50, creating a lush, expansive sound somewhere between City Of Caterpillar and Frail Body. The track rides this spectacular wave until the song's close at 3:34, including excellent clean singing work by guest vocalist Taylor Jocelyn that ties a nice ribbon on this stellar package.


Full live set

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