Tuesday, 13 August 2013

***ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS aka my label launched today***

I have launched my new record label, officially. Check ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS out at:
http://www.zegemabeachrecords.com and feel free to share it, as well as this blog
http://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com Thanks for taking the time to check out my work. It means a lot!

La Parade and Via Fondo are currently preparing their first releases with the label. I hope to announce any day now 2 more bands that will be doing represses as well as future releases Zegema Beach Records. While writing this post - I think I just agreed to another 12" for one of my favourite bands! Hopefully details on that will be forthcoming shortly!

If you have stuff you want me to hear - please, saturate my brain. You know I have an open mind. Everything sent to be listened to can be uploaded to my webpage at Zegema Beach and here so everyone can listen. Hopefully, this will be an extension of an already amazing punk/rock/metal/screamo community.

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