Thursday 22 August 2013

(-) Zegema Beach DISTRO/STORE Opening in September

Good news, everyone! (said in Farnsworth's voice),

I have officially started stocking the ZEGEMA BEACH distro! I will also be posting some promotional mix cds to help fund ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS. I made the packaging myself using a sheet of paper, a pen, two markers, glue, scissors and a photocopier. Oh! I almost forgot - the distro will also include some of my personal rarities that I need to part with in order to fund this label in its infancy. Some out-of-print records that will be posted are: Old Man Gloom, Loma Prieta, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Off Minor, Hot Cross, Cave In, Kaospilot and Capsule - to name a few bricks in the wall.
Next, once my uploads finish (hopefully tonight) I will post a full review of the MAHRIA / FOR WANT OF show in Toronto from August 21st, 2013. I filmed and reviewed all 4 bands - which ended up being an even better show than I expected.

Until then, go listen to some music on the ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS webpage and check that page daily for rare record posts regarding my old Ebay items.

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