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This post's artist is from the July 2013 Mix. This is track #6.

GenresRock / Indie / Pop / Country / Folk
Related artistsN/A.
Country: Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
Years Active: 1987-1999 / 2008-present
Song: "Truth Untold"
Album: "Good Weird Feeling"
Year: 1995
For fans of: Relatively cheesy mid-90s radio friendly rock music.

THE ODDS were a mid-90s Canadian indie-rock act that was pretty big after they released a few interesting and catchy videos prior to Sloan coming on to the scene and stealing the limelight. The band played some ridiculously catchy and sometimes cheesy music that dabbled in a few styles, most notably indie rock/pop, some folk, country and even a little alternative. My favourite song by the band is "Truth Untold", which is linked here and is the best example of how good the band can get. If you can't get into that song I'd say just give up. This isn't a band for everyone, and they're pretty old-school, feel free to check them out - especially if you were into Sloan, early Tea PartyEric's Trip, early Treble Charger, Limblifter, The Age of Electric and 54-40 about 15-23 years ago. The  majority of the band's songs don't really appeal to me, but some are great - especially "Truth Untold"


1991 - Neopolitan cdep

1993 - Bedbugs cdLP

1995 - Good Weird Feeling cdLP

1996 - Nest cdLP

2008 - Cheerleader cdLP

These are listed chronologically, so remember, the first link is the band's OLDER MATERIAL!!!
youtube )))))embedded audio((((( links

(1993) THE ODDS - "Love of Minds" (from 'Bedbugs' cd)
(1995) THE ODDS - "Eat My Brain" (from 'Good Weird Feeling' cd)

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