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This post's artist is from the July 2013 Mix. This is track #18.

GenresRock / Screamo / Black-Metal / Post-Hardcore / Atmospheric
Related artistsN/A.
Country: Michigan, USA
Years Active: 2011-present
Song: "Shallows"
Album: "Nature's Arms Encircle All"
Year: 2011
For fans of: Deafheaven, Gospel, Welcome The Plague Year, City Of Caterpillar,
                   Van Johnson, Tentacles, Off Minor, Saetia, Loftus, Alexisonfire, and
                   Buried Inside.

I've got to go back to the band's first release 'Nature's Arms Encircle All' because it's my favourite and it encapsulates everything that is amazing about this band. "Ocean" starts with a young girl's spoken word reading (a recurring theme for the band), followed by a lulling and dreamy intro, which slams into a dragging breakdown riff lathered in screaming that leads to a bouncy Saetia/Welcome The Plague Year clean riff which explodes into a black-metal speed romp. The first song is only 4 minutes long. The final track is over 12 minutes!

The band's new release, 'Tidal Lock' eases back, overall, and loses some of the aggression and replaces it with even eerier atmospheric interludes not unlike Welcome The Plague Year, which build and eventually climax like a tidal lock - errr, wave. I thought of some very apt descriptions for this record; dark, cavernous, damp. The cover artwork captures the sound perfectly.

If City Of Caterpillar and Deafheaven had a baby, it would sound like this. Demonic and angelic at the same time. The vocals remind of Van Johnson and George from Alexisonfire.

Deafheaven is getting pretty big right now with 'Sunbather', so if you like that album, you will dig this - I am sure. Check the embedded links, stream the albums and buy the LPs. I have one from Dog Knights, and the artwork and packaging are beautiful. Click on these links here to read the Dog Knights interview.

The band announced that a split may be happening soon.


2011 - Nature's Arms Encircle All (stream/download/buy here)

2012 - Who Are Willing To Draw Close (stream/download/buy here)

2013 - Tidal Lock 12"LP (stream/buy/download here) or (buy it from Dog Knights here) (PURCHASE HERE)

youtube )))))embedded official video / audio((((( links

(2011) OLD SOUL - "Shallows" (from 'Nature's Arms Encircle All' cd)
(2012) OLD SOUL - "Forest" (from 'Who Are Willing To Draw Close' cd)
(2013) OLD SOUL - "Ghost Incomplete" (from 'Tidal Lock' LP) 

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