Wednesday, 18 July 2018

***KARLOFF exclusive EP premiere***

exclusive EP premiere
For fans ofInnards, People's Temple Project, The South and Youth Novel
KARLOFF is made up of quite a few friends of mine from back in Ontario. Cambridge to be specific. I've known Nate the most, as he took over Canada/Ontario Zegema Beach Records while I was away in New Zealand and basically up until June of 2018. I watched him change from a showgoer to a promoter, vocalist (of numerous bands) and record label. At ZBR Fest 2017 in Toronto, I introduced Nate to Dylan (the ex-bassist for Life In Vacuum who also has played in Death Party Playground, Father Bodies, Ned Flangers and runs 3 Nines Compact Cassettes) who was also helping out huge with ZBR Fest and the two hit it off and exchanged numbers right away. It was beautiful to watch.

Over the course of the last year they did some tape stuff together and eventually formed KARLOFF along with Alberto (also helps run No Funeral Records) and two other members. The original drummer was recently replaced by Chris (of Yonder Peak, Toucan Slam, Sclera, Sill and Kitjohari) and I've been told that the new material trumps this old stuff, which is fucking exciting because I love how amazingly raw and driving their screamy hardcore is, and the nearly non-stop, unrelenting dual-vocals take the cake. Prior to this EP release was the single comp song "5" from the same demo sessions that is housed on the 'KWCDIY Spring 2018 Compilation' linked here.

This new 'Demo' cassette EP is four tracks, all of which are embedded below with song descriptions. The tapes come out on Friday along with the KARLOFF bandcamp page. There will be 50 tapes, 15 as a release show exclusive in a safety pinned cloth bag with a painted "K" on it. You can buy them online at the No Funeral store linked here.

Nate had this to say about the demo:

"We recorded this in one session with very little sleep with our friend Jesse Alarcon of Glue Gun Records. Without going into too much detail - we should have prepared more. But we're mostly happy with it. It's the first release from No Funeral Records, a label spawned from an ex-ZBR employee, co-released with Glue Gun Records and 3 Nines Compact Cassettes."

~ NATE / KARLOFF / No Funeral Records

(2018) KARLOFF - 1 - "Universal" (from 'Demo')
Back and forth shrieks and broken screams open this phenomenal demo debut track, with the entire thing sounding like a rawer version of Youth Novel, and I'm officially in love. P.S. Dylan I'm lovin' those bass slides around 45-50 seconds. 💓

(2018) KARLOFF - 2 - "Endut! Hoch Hech!" (from 'Demo')
An obvious and amazing Simpsons reference from the Worker and Parasite show, the second track clocks in much shorter at only 43 seconds (compared to the opener's 2:41) and is abrasive and chaotic, bringing to mind the intensity of Nate's other project Sclera, as all the pretty and melodic parts have been scorched away.

(2018) KARLOFF - 3 - "Ocean or Other" (from 'Demo')
Nearing the six-minute mark is "Ocean or Other". You can't much more 90s emo than this super chill, mostly instrumental jam, as the vocals don't show up until almost 4:30. Nods to bands such as Funeral Diner and Indian Summer are there whether intentional or not, and I find this song perhaps the strongest on the EP as it really delves into other genres and finds the band exploring many different aspects of their sound.

(2018) KARLOFF - 4 - "Vain" (from 'Demo')
"Vain" is the closer and has some pretty gosh darn tongue in cheek lyrics. It goes pretty hard until 25 seconds when they cool their jets and settle into a bit more of a groove. I found band comparisons for KARLOFF rather difficult to come by, but this song sounds a lot like The South to me (in a good way).


Nate and the rest of the No Funeral Records gang did a podcast with me a ways back, linked here.

Here are the label links and info for the 'Demo' cassette:

No Funeral Records - nf-001 

3 Nines Compact Cassettes - 999-28

Glue Gun Records - gg-002

And lastly KARLOFF is playing a few local shows (Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo and the fest in Owen Sound) so here are they are with their corresponding facebook links.

Monday, 16 July 2018

***Holy Shit #2 - SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY rare pressings***

Before I start this post you should be aware that the store is under construction for the next two months but the storenvy store is fully operational and stuff is shipping now. Keep checking back for more sales and long, lost items, as well as the September 1st, 2018 relaunch of the Canadian store in conjuction with the U.S. Zegema Beach store. Now that that's out of the way...

Awwwww shit, welcome to the Holy Shit, Look What I Found #2. Last week Zegema Beach sold all of our rare RESPIRE pressings (save this last one) with some extremely rare variants and long lost presses. This week I'd expect pretty much everything to go again, as I have unearthed the following from The Great Amalgamation.

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY discography set ($100) includes:
- 1x Demo cd
- 2x Fashion 7" 1st pressing on all variants
- 1x Fashion 7" 2nd pressing on clear blue coke bottle
- 2x SGKF split 7" on all variants
- 1x Atrocities cassette
- a Medium SYSC t-shirt
- a ton of ZBR stickers
- a ton of free download codes
- a free 7"

BUY THE LAST ones here

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY 1st press on black ($15):

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY 2nd press on clear blue coke bottle ($10):

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY SGKF split 7" on trash ($10):

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY shirt ($20), three different shirts available:
- 'Logo/Face' Medium t-shirt BUY ONLY SHIRT here
- '...I look back at the burning halo' Medium t-shirt BUY ONLY SHIRT here
- 'Scissors' Medium t-shirt BUY ONLY SHIRT here

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY black longsleeve shirt ($25):

RENÉ DESCARTES st tape ($6):

There's more new stuff up in the Zegema Beach Records store including the RUTKA LASKIER 12"LPs 'Protiklady' and the 'Quitting' 12"LP by LIFE IN VACUUM, as well as much more to come!

Lastly, catch SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY on their massive U.S. tour right now. Here is the poster!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

PODCAST #27 w/Henrietta Lockheart (Terrifying Girls' High School, Emocat Records, etc.)

Since moving to B.C. on the west coast of Canada I've only "hung out" or "chilled" or what have you with two amazing individuals in Vancouver. Henrietta Lockheart and Miggy Hawes both do a ton of things, besides do a guest spot on this podcast. Henrietta is a driving force behind Kitty On Fire Records while Miggy is the brains of Emocat Records, while both of them play in Terrifying Girls' High School (sassy skramz) and the newer project Diva Plavalaguna (synthy screamy rock).

Honestly, this podcast is very entertaining. I would say it's downright funny. It's essentially like sitting in and listening to our (then) bi-weekly hangs aka screamo ramblings (skramblings, if you will) with us showing each other bands that we like. We discuss chip-tunes, nintendo-core, bands getting stranded in Russia, how much money we've lost on releases, the correct pronunciation of "shown", how to be the toast of the skramcave, a bunch of other stuff as well as a lengthy discussion on the screamo scenes reaction to the new Jeromes Dream record crowdfunding campaign. A podcast worth your time for many reasons. Also, be sure to check out:

Emocat Records (Bandcamp / Facebook)
Kitty On Fire Records (Bandcamp / Facebook )

Terrifying Girls' High School (Bandcamp / Facebook)
Diva Plavalaguna (no pages yet, coming soon)

DMVGE - "Cyber Soldier" (Henrietta)
THE ADVANTAGE- "Contra - Alien's Lair & Boss Music" (Dave)

ERROR37 - "Relaxulate" (Henrietta)
SANS VISAGE - "barricade" (Dave)

KILL YOUR CHILDREN - "1 & 2" (Henrietta)
BLUE YOUTH - "Black Lung" (Dave)
5PM PROMISE - "Elä Sinä Minusta" (Henrietta)

Jeromes Dream discussion



PODCAST #27 linked here