Sunday 16 June 2024

*** VOTIVE exclusive music video premiere ***

"Lesser Replica"
exclusive music video premiere
For fans ofPortrayal Of GuiltFoxmoulder and Komarov

     Are you fucking stoked? If not you will be in a few short minutes, as I'm stoked to bring you the music video premiere of Austin based screamo outfit VOTIVE's first single from their first LP 'Towards The Pillory' releasing on July 12, 2024 via No Funeral Records. The one-sided record with an etched B-side across 2 variants - coke bottle clear /100 and black ice /200 follows their sensational debut cassette EP, which if you haven't heard means this is going to blow your mind. The band is made up of members who have played in Respire, Gas Up Yr Hearse, Portrayal of Guilt, Foxmoulder, Porcelain, etc. bringing a heavy blackened emo-violence sound that'll get you goin'. Go.

(2024) VOTIVE "Lesser Replica" (from 'Towards The Pillory') official music video

Thursday 13 June 2024

*** CHARGER PORT exclusive song premiere***

"hey is for horse is"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofHellaTera Melos and The Totemist

orders open June 19th @9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST

     Holy moly this upcoming split from Tomb Tree, Fisher King, and Soft Grit are releasing 50 lathes on 25 black 12"s and 25 clear 12"s. Fans of mathcore, math rock, and mathy metal are gonna be all the fuck over this shit. Today's premiere is the final of three CHARGER PORT tracks which is the solo project of Hunter who plays in both Terror Cell and Thin. Sunday will see an additional premiere of a Serling track by This Noise Is Ours! Art by Robbie Smith. Mixed/mastered by Joey Woodward.

(2024) CHARGER PORT "hey is for horse is" (from 'I don't watch sports anymore' split w/Serling)

     Clocking in at a hair over four minutes, the song wastes zero time getting into catchy-yet-choppy rhythms that show even more attention to production and power, as this shit sounds super crisp, clean, and jarring. The song shifts gears about a third of the way through and relies on some wonky slides to keep things interesting before plummeting off of a cliff after the 2:10 mark with a wildly heavy breakdown. The remainder of the song sounds like the slow demise of the jumper as they die on the fucking rocks in epic fashion.


Charger Port's EP on Softseed Music

Tuesday 11 June 2024

*** MYSTIC WILL exclusive album premiere ***

'That Is All, But That Is Enough'
exclusive album premiere

For fans of
Underdark, Circle Takes The Square, RespireLocktender and Hope Drone

     I am stoked today to bring you an early premiere of 'That Is All, But That Is Enough' in its entirety from St. Louis' MYSTIC WILL. These songs were written before and during the pandemic, with the band laying down tracking from early 2022 to early 2024 and features Jack (vocals) - Miracle Whip, Smidley, Jr. Clooney, ex-AnkouSean (guitar) - Furnace Floor, ex-AnodesDerek (bass) - Path of Might, ex-Hot Corpse, and Casey (drums) - The Vast, ex-Anodes. The seven mighty tracks were engineered by Ryan Wasoba and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. The painting for the cover is by Mark Stopforth.

     Ah Dave, but what does that shit sound like? Well, besides hinting at it with some of the members other projects, they cite City of Caterpillar, Welcome the Plague Year, Union of Uranus, At the Gates, Dissection, Circle Takes the Square, Thou, Birds in Row, and Jungbluth. Pretty much all of those track into the band's final sound, with Circle Takes The Square probably being at the forefront. Most tracks gravitate toward the four-minute mark with the opener and closer both stretching into five-minute territory. It's fast. It's blackened. It's pretty fackin' dark, to be honest. It reminds me of atmospheric black metal crossed over with hardcore and a bit o' screamo. The vocals are like acid, the drumming is wild, and the bass/guitars weave crushing and swirling melodies that meet halfway between death and lullabies. They have no current plans for shows or physical release but they're not ruling anything out completely, but releasing this is probably the last thing they do as a band! Please check it out <3

     This releases in full on the band's Bandcamp Friday June 14th, 2024.

(2024) MYSTIC WILL 'That Is All, But That Is Enough' full stream