Saturday, 30 September 2023

*** PIRI REIS exclusive song premiere ***

"Listless" (Coma Regalia cover)
exclusive song premiere

For fans ofUtarid, Mouthing, Coma Regalia, Azzacov and Excrucis

orders open on October 9th, 2023

     Who's one of, if not the most important conduit for screamo over the past two decades? Well the answer to that is without a doubt Edie Quinn of Coma Regalia, Middle Man Records, and about a million other things. Edie has gone through some shit the last few years that have left her owing money for child medical bills, stacks of unsold records, landlord fuckery leading to having to move out of a home they've stayed at for over two decades, and a handful of shitty online people being...well, shitty. Edie is the backbone of this scene and a helluva human, so she doesn't deserve any of this. Coma Regalia has been the most prolific screamo band of the last two-plus decades and has inspired lots of people, but I think that prior to this compilation no one has ever covered a Coma Regalia song (sorry if you did and I'm wrong!) which in itself was a travesty. So that realization led me to concocting this absolutely stellar covers compilation featuring a ton of my favorite bands! I even managed to get Sammy Gurule to master the jams and do the cover art/layout which I adore. The full digital and physical (100 tapes) release on October 9th via Zegema Beach Records, with all profits going to Edie. I'm also giving a  free stack to Middle Man Records so they'll have some to help get even more fundage. Please support Middle Man Records and be sure to grab that upcoming Coma Regalia/Snag split 12" that is up for pre-order now!

(2023) PIRI REIS "Listless" (from 'The One Who Became Many: A Tribute to Coma Regalia')

     Today's premiere is the second of 19 on the album and features the red-hot PIRI REIS from Malaysia covering "Listless", a song from their split together back in 2015. Middle Man Records still has some of the release in stock so snag one, as ZBR can't hold on to anything from PIRI REIS for the life of us.

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

*** PODCAST #131 Hillsboro ***

     I first heard about HILLSBORO because of a member's father, which is a new one. After being invited to the show by another band, I knew I was in for a treat when I saw HILLSBORO was on the bill. It ended up being a really sick show (all the details/videos are here) and I met a bunch of awesome people that I'm still basking in. Dexter (aka son of friend) paid me a visit before I left the show at my distro "table" thanking me for coming out and saying that his dad said "hi". Honestly, it was super cute and vitally important as I tracked the band down in the parking lot to spill my guts and offer future help. Now their debut 12"LP has been released and they're coming back from a very successful US tour with a final show on Friday September 29th at Green Auto Body in Vancouver. Please see the band live or maybe even snag a 12" from Softseed Music (linked here). Amongst the cackles and laughter, we discuss: the probability of No Doubt, removed from popular culture, the Soundcloud movement, Youtube copyright complaints, an abundance of car crashes, Semi-Professional Classical Orchestra...the band, gear acquisition syndrome, an Ashley Macisaac story, the best and worst Hillsboro songs, touching on screamo, band recommendations, upcoming plans, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Bleary Eyed, Blue Youth, David Bowie, Leer, and Valentina Bludgeoned. Listen to podcast #131 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 Yanking of Chains and the Birth of Coolness
BLEARY EYED "Tree" (Dexter)

2 My Dad Starts Mosh Pits
BLUE YOUTH "The Power" (Dave)

3 Triumphant and Stinky (mostly stinky)
DAVID BOWIE "Heroes" (Nima) [official music video]

4 Hillsboro Goes Screamo
LEER "As Cool as Attempted Suicide" (Dave)


live video "White Trash" (aka The Pirate Song)

music video "Exit Plan"

music video "Dissolve"

music video "Closer"


Sunday, 24 September 2023

*** PODCAST #130 Neuman Portentum ***

     I had never heard of NEUMAN PORTENTUM until I received a message from guitarist Josh who was looking for a label to put out their vinyl, as their bass player who helped unearth the original 1998-99 recordings and have them properly mixed and mastered had just passed away. Luckily Will Killingsworth pointed them in my direction after they asked for a recommendation, and at this point the 12" records for 'God Monster' have come (and mostly gone...mostly). Maybe blast a track or four from said release and then delve into this awesome podcast with Josh, Brian, and for the first third Eric. A few things discussed: Ron and the Giant Bass, not being political enough and the breakup, post-Neuman Portentum, one take!, getting masters is hard, near-fatal stabbings, the PalatkaReversal Of Man, and Justin Pearson connections, screamo vs. black metal, lost movements, the right timing and giving Ron closure, etc. Bands played in this podcast: The Flying Worker, Ghost Aquarium, Palefade, The Petofiles, Reversal Of Man, and Universal Order Of Armageddon. Listen to podcast #130 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 The Birth of Neuman Portentum
THE PETOFILES "Hypocrite" (Josh)

2 The Death of Neuman Portentum
THE FLYING WORKER "Le Gout du Vrai" (Dave)
GHOST AQUARIUM "Light Cannot Escape" (Josh)

3 The Resurrection of Neuman Portentum
REVERSAL OF MAN "No Longer" (Josh)
PALEFADE. "Somewhere Irretrievably Lost" (Dave)