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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsKilgore Trout, Loud?, War Crimes and A MARC Train Home.
CountryFairfax, Virginia U.S.A.
Years Active2017-present
Song: "Bury You By the Sea"
Album: "This House is a Ghost"
Year: 2018
For fans ofNionde Plågan, Nous Étions, Teleportoise, Leveless, Druse, IscarioteSuis La Lune, La Dispute, Deftones, O'Brother, Majority Rule, Cult of Luna, Pianos Become the Teeth, mewithoutyou, Frail, At the Gates, Defeater, Crash of Rhinos, Have Heart, Go Deep, Birds in Row and Lhasa aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the October 2018 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download: the October 2018 Mix#10 right here or get the new November 2018 Mix#11 here.

Tommy Sheffield used to do vocals in Kilgore Trout. Yep. And then for 10 years, nothing in the musical department (although he did have a book published in that time!). Earlier this year he sent me his first foray back into heavy music via AMBIEN, a post-hardcore/screamo band from Fairfax, Virginia. Not similar in many ways to his previous band, AMBIEN is a three-piece that extends to darker places, but always with a beam of shining light leading us through the black. It is interesting to note that the lyrics for this release were written the day before recording or improvised on the spot.

Their debut EP 'This House is a Ghost' opens with "New Storm" and it wastes no time getting massive, heavy and epic just a few seconds in. Right off the bat my first band comparison is Nionde Plågan due to those vocals, but AMBIEN definitely harness the aggression and shed the light melodies for the most part. I enjoy the brief slowdown and noodles after the one minute-mark that lead to a swelling breakdown at 1:14. "APA" is next, which is drowned in down-tuned guitars, gutteral, sinister vocals and some ridiculous closing drums. "Sleep Paralysis" is the dreamy, ambient interlude but dishes out more than the typical one, as this includes a build with various vocals chiming in from beautiful guest singing to distant screams and an electronic outro. There is more melodic crooning at the onset of "The House I Grew Up In" that is utilized in both verses and builds the bridge to those crushing choruses. After a few minutes the song has expanded and contracted to the point where it becomes unstable and by 3:33 it collapses in on itself in one triumphant and destructive breakdown. This is definitely the song with the most variation and it stands out as the band's most mature, complete and rewarding listen. Closer "Bury You By the Sea" is probably my favourite of the five, as the driving undertones never let up, creating a sense of urgency amidst the crushing waterfall that is the band's sound. Oh, and that guitar outro solo is the bomb.

Apparently the band is writing for another release come 2019. Hell yeah.



2018 - This House is a Ghost EP (stream/buy here)


(2018) AMBIEN - "The House I Grew Up In" (from 'This House is a Ghost')

(2018) AMBIEN - "Bury You By the Sea" (from 'This House is a Ghost')

(2018) AMBIEN - "APA" (from 'This House is a Ghost')


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Sunday, 14 October 2018

***PODCAST #28 w/Sean Warkentine + Adrian Copeland (An Ant And An Atom + Alder & Ash)***

In July of 2018 we had the first visitors to our Nanaimo home, as Sean Warkentine aka AN ANT AND AN ATOM and Adrian Copeland aka ALDER & ASH stayed over during their summer quest together that should have been called the "So Many Fucking As" tour. Both play genres that are out of my current grasp of proper comparisons, so I will just say they both play noise music with drone and doom undertones. In this four-part podcast we discuss a myriad of things and it comes off as the most intellectually stimulating of the 28 casts of pod this far. Be sure to check out band of their bandcamp and social media pages, and I've also got videos of An Ant And An Atom playing live at ZBR Fest linked here.

An Ant And An Atom (Bandcamp / Facebook / Sean's other band Touching God)
Alder & Ash (Bandcamp / Facebook / Official website )

HIRETSUKAN - "19 Year Barrier" (Adrian)
TODAY IS THE DAY - "The Cold Harshness of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life" (Sean)
BUCKET FULL OF TEETH- "Capital Distracts and Imprisons" (Dave)

SHOSTAKOVICH - "String Quartet No 10, in A flat, Op. 118 - 2nd movement" (Adrian)
ARCA - "Alive" (Sean)

CARLOS CIPA- "Wide and Moving" (Dave)
MEMOTONE - "Ritual" (Adrian)

FOOD FOR ANIMALS - "Tween My Lips" (Sean)
GEZAN - "Man Machine" (Sean)

TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR - "Wartime at the Apollo" (Dave)
METH. - "The Mother's Garden" (Dave)



PODCAST #28 linked here

Friday, 12 October 2018

***EMMA GOLDMAN exclusive video interview***

Ever since I saw and met EMMA GOLDMAN at my first Vancouver show I've been smitten. That happened to be their debut cassette EP release show and they have just recently released a new track on the 'Red Gate Compilation Mixtape' and will be appearing alongside fellow screamo friends Diva Plavalaguna and Terrifying Girl's Gigh School this Saturday October 13th for GLAM FEST at Red Gate.

I caught up with Pavel, Victoria and Felix prior to the Dad Thighs cassette EP release back in September, as both Victoria and Felix play in that band, with Pavel having filled in on drums on a tour, as is discussed in this interview! We discuss their formation, recent U.S. tour, bands that blew them away on said tour (aka Hawak) and their future plans (gasp, LP!?). Check out the 15-minute video interview below and come say hi to the band as well as myself milling around GLAM FEST.