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GenresPunk / Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
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Country: Campinas BRAZIL
Years Active2005-2006
For fans of: Deftones, Endor, Finch, La Parade, Vientre, Viva Belgrado, and Standstill.
Label(s): Self Released

MEIA LUA E SOCO hailed from Brazil and were active very briefly in the mid-2000s. They played a very post-hardcore take on screamo and metallic hardcore, falling somewhere between bands like Deftones/Finch and Spanish screamo/post-hardcore such as Vientre and Viva Belgrado. Their name translates to "half moon plus punch", which was the famous command for Ryu's hadouken in the game Street Fighter 2. They released a demo and two additional songs which were compiled last year on the digital EP titled 'A todos os nossos amigos'.

Some of their songs have a distinct vocal inflection of making a pronlonged scream more and more broken/loud as it goes. That may sound like a weird description, but take a gander at the first 30 seconds of "Lacra o Shopping" and you'll know what I mean. I even spoke about how much I loved it in the Sean Leary of Stormlight/Loma Prieta/Beau Navire podcast (linked here) and recently recorded a song for Apostles Of Eris where I literally tried to do the same thing. Another feature are the clean vocals, but they're kind of hit or miss and bring to mind Endor.



2005 - Demo digital EP

2006 - comp/single tracks


(2006) MEIA LUA E SOCO - "Underground para vida" (digital single)

(2005) MEIA LUA E SOCO - "Lacra o Shopping" (from 'Demo')
(2005) MEIA LUA E SOCO - "Buscar o Céu" (from 'Demo')

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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

PODCAST #62 Maya + Jon + Nathan (Youth Novel)

Ever since Jon Riley messaged me about releasing YOUTH NOVEL's 'Turned around abruptly beside a mirror and jumped at my own reflection' I've been in eager anticipation of every thing the band touched. Following six years of silence YOUTH NOVEL semi-reformed to finish the LP started more than half-a-decade prior, and concocted one of the best screamo albums in recent memory. Check out my talk with 75% of the band in podcast #62 with Jon Riley, Maya Chun, and Nathan Whittle. A few highlights include: the possible next Youth Novel cover songs, the secrets of their bass tone, art explanations, At The Drive In love, a slew of drummers, notes from Korea, bell kits or whatever, what is mathcore?, the future of Youth Novel and "I think you're neglecting the fact that I make very good money". Bands played in this podcast: Big Brave, Lower Automation, Mid-Air Thief and The Darkness. Listen to podcast #62 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

Buy tapes before they're gone:

BIG BRAVE "Holding Pattern" (Jon)

MID-AIR THIEF "쇠사슬 (Ahhhh, These Chains!)" (Maya)

THE DARKNESS "Out of My Hands" (Nathan)

LOWER AUTOMATION "Father's Shirt is a Dress On Me" (Dave)



PODCAST #62 linked here

Monday, 22 March 2021

PODCAST #61 Mike Frisella (Sine Nomine)

In early 2020 I finally heeded the advice of a friend and checked out St. Louis' SINE NOMINE (pronounced 'SEE-nay NOE-mih-nay"). After a couple of half-listened to songs, "Everyone's Classroom" came on at 2am while I was making nachos and I headbanged my way into the next dimension. Seriously, 2020 was the year of SINE NOMINE for David Norman. No band was listened to as much as this band. Nor has any band ever brought me to so many air guitar moments and neck-flailings.

After convincing the band to let me release a double-discography tape, I followed up with drummer Mike Frisella and chatted about lots of stuff, including: GI Joe references,, Joshua Fit For Battle, owning laundromats, everyone likes the Deftones, the band's demise, Guns' N Roses, the curfuffling of screamo and the secret of dipping tapes, among other things, of course. We also included Mike's objective reviews of both SINE NOMINE full lengths, check it out below! Bands played in this podcast: Birds In Row, La Mantra De Fhiqria, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, and Snag. Listen to podcast #61 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


Live video from 2006 show:

LOVE LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN "Calm and Secure" (Mike)

LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA "Lackluster" (Dave)

SNAG "Jar Spell" (Dave)
BIRDS IN ROW "We vs. Us" (Mike)


An objective review: by Michael Frisella

"this machine is malfunctioning"

Overall problems: sound structure on some songs is a little weak and Mikey should just be eliminated

Today: good song as far as writing goes.. recording quality makes it sound like chaos.. which gives it some character... we should've re recorded this song at some point.

Bandi: possibly the best sounding song on the album as far as sound quality goes... solid writing also, although we should've cut out the weird drum circle weirdness towards the end..

Farewell: solid song, quality not so great.. should've re recorded this as well

Sad: I always liked this song, now it sounds a little juvenile in the writing category.. just a little bit though.. still decent I guess

Accidental: solid song and decent sound quality.. definitely the albums radio single

Cookie: song should be cut from the album.. has one or two cool parts but overall lacks in structure 

Sept: This song also feels a little juvenile to me... I'm not sure exactly what that even means... just doesn't seem structurally sound 

Jesus: cool song.. kinda weird but in a good way.. maybe just shorten it a bit

Everyone's: good sound quality on this.. maybe better than bandi.. and pretty sweet song also.. EXCEPT for the almost nu metalish bouncy part... that could just be a result of the drums, but take that part out and this is the best crafted song on the album

"Super Molecular Dust Separator"

Heavy: great song... sound quality is excellent.... throughout the whole album really

Yellow: eliminate the intro thing and this is good

Brown: the intro to this song should be its own song.. a nice melodic instrumental jam.. I actually want to make it a song like right now... the rest of this song is meh.. the vocals are too repetitive.. it's gets annoying 

Jeffrey: this was always my favorite song on the album... wouldn't change anything except maybe add some screamy vocals in the background towards the end behind the melodic part

Filled: pretty cool.. kinda long, but it doesn't feel dragged out... 

White: I go back and forth... the vocals/lyrics kinda ruin the song in the beginning few parts... if you take them out I still go back and forth on if I like it... it's a weird song 

Chester: I really like this song and think the lyrics are fun and actually meaningful as a metaphor for a lot of things.... BUT it's a bit drawn out.. take out a few of the repeating parts and it's pretty cool

Kill: tied for my fav song on the album... the recording sounds extra crisp/clean... and there's nothing I would change about it...I still like the young guns clips!


Yeah smack ep the songs are flawless as far as writing goes, I wouldn't change a thing ... we really matured on that album 😆

youth sound wise is way better sounding than the other two for some reason.. sound overall is way better than first album but we should've re recorded the whole thing


PODCAST #61 linked here