Monday, 18 February 2019

'Death Calls, Fear Ceases' by: HEEL TURN

Year: 2019
Label: The Ghost Is Clear Records
For fans ofMedusa, Combatwoundedveteran, Mother Of Mercy, Full Of Hell and Daughters.

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Review by DAVE NORMAN:

My friend Bobby Johnson from The Ghost Is Clear Records turns me on to all kinds of awesome stuff, today's being HEEL TURN's new cd and cassette EP that is the precursor to an upcoming 7" split with Ekumen. It features a member of Dead Heroes and friends devouring the listener over three tracks of dirty, raw and seething hardcore. Opener "Choices" rides an eerie guitar into town surrounded by death drums, with the vocals chiming in when the rest of the band meets up with the leader 30 seconds in. The vocals soon drop into a distorted snarl that'll take chunks out of your eardrums, making this a romp of 80s themed Alabama hardcore. The title track "Death Calls, Fear Ceases" is a fucking behemoth and not what I was expecting at all. Over 7:12 it crashes around like an noise prototype, smashing into walls seemingly randomly but injecting a heavy amount of experimental noise and ambiance. In the end it kinda feels like a seven-minute nightmare that may or may not have been influenced by new Daughters material, as the last half sounds like the cumulative audio of our complete annihilation. Closer "Serpent's Kiss" is the shortest song and is driven by some seriously cavernous bass and pretty sassy vocals. The shift at 30 seconds to more straightforward hardcore with a hook is very welcome and perhaps my favourite bit of the EP. Check out their debut EP 'Territories' here and be sure to catch their release show on March 1st, 2019 in Huntsville, Alabama, linked here.


(2019) HEEL TURN - "Choices" (from 'Death Calls, Fear Ceases')

(2019) HEEL TURN - "Death Calls, Fear Ceases" (from 'Death Calls, Fear Ceases')

(2019) HEEL TURN - "Serpent's Kiss" (from 'Death Calls, Fear Ceases')


Sunday, 17 February 2019


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Noise / Black Metal / Sludge / Experimental
Related artists: The Sold Outs, Autism, No Real Pioneers, Zlp Gnr, Serdnation..
CountryVilnius LITHUANIA
Years Active2012-present
Song: "plague"
Album: "No life left to take"
Year: 2018
For fans of: Still, Minaret, Nulajednanulanula, Tentacles, We Are Among Stars, Telos, Tenue, Hexis, PG.99, Parents, Remote, Ostraca, Perfect Blue, Celeste, Thurm, Converge['selvə], The Pax Cecilia and Milkman.
Label(s): Ghia Records / Deadmikke Records
This post's artist is from the February 2019 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download: the February 2019 Mix#2 right here or get the new March 2019 Mix#3 here.

RED WATER are a Lithuanian band that I first heard in late 2018 after checking out their 'No life left to take' EP and was floored. They play a dark, subterranean screamo/black-metal hybrid that are equal parts Tentacles and Hexis, with a few more digestable interludes and general ambiance.

In 2014 they released a single song as an online 'Demo' titled "To never change" which is pretty raw and poorly recorded, but you get the idea of where they're going and it's still an entertaining listen, just don't expect it to sound like their later material as it is much more focused on sludgy, expansive hardcore than black metal or screamo. The following year they released a split cassette with 70 cm³ Of Your Chest that is now sold out and labeled as the 'Red Water' EP. The recording quality and production with this material is much better, with the instrumentals taking a noticeable step in a faster, mathier and more chaotic music, stepping into screamo and black metal territory but without the throat-annihilating screams housed on the 2018 EP, as they are higher pitched and distanced.
There's a chill instrumental opener ("i"), a fuckin' rager ("fall apart"), a rerecorded demo ("to never change"), a European screamo jam ("nebučiuosiu švenčiausios mergelės"), righteous neo-crust/hardcore ("nothing to say") and a closer that resembles New Zealand's Parents ("bury in flames").

In late 2018 they released their crowning achievement thus far, the unbelievably good 'No life left to take' EP. The band takes the listener deeper into their dark and vicious musical consciousness, with opener "plague" making this blatantly obvious. The song crawls along like some morbid monster occasionally ripping through sections as if they were human flesh. "flicker" is similar but has some excellent swings that add a much appreciated layer of melody to the noise and chaos, most notably at 2:48. This song as well as the rest of the album remind me of Still, Minaret, Thurm, Hexis, We Are Among Stars and ['selvə]'s shorter material. "guidance" is devilishly sinister and therefore very Converge, while "will" builds until 1:51 before unleashing the drums that will trample you to death. Oh, and that close from 4:23 is fucking amazing. Closer "defeat" attempts to contain the explosion that erupts at 3:??, but obviously fails to do so cuz that blast is deadly. A truly devastating release that is gonna make my best of 2018, methinks.



2014 - Demo digital single (stream/donate/download here)

2015 - Red Water / aka 70 cm³ Of Your Chest split cassetteEP (stream/donate/download here)

2018 - No life left to take cassetteEP  (stream/donate/download here)


(2018) RED WATER - "will" (from 'No life left to take')

(2018) RED WATER - "guidance" (from 'No life left to take')

(2018) RED WATER - "plague" (from 'No life left to take')

(2015) RED WATER - "nebučiuosiu švenčiausios mergelės" (from 'Red Water')

(2015) RED WATER - "bury in flames" (from 'Red Water')

(2014) RED WATER - "To never change" (from 'Demo')


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Friday, 15 February 2019

***KAFKA. exclusive song premiere***

"Partir et découvrir"
exclusive song premiere

My good friend Nate who runs No Funeral Records sent me KAFKA. from Prague's new two-song EP and asked me to choose one song to premiere. After jamming it, twas a tough decision, but I gotta go with the second, title-track "Partir et découvrir". The EP is being released by No Funeral Records on 25 limited cassette with handpainted splatter shells. I strongly recommend picking this up, it's A) fantastic and B) very limited.

(2019) KAFKA. "Partir et découvrir" (from 'Partir et découvrir')
Having previously jammed the band's 'demo', this was much better than I had anticipated. The recording and production and better while the band is much more focused on expanding on the parts of their songs that were the best, and shedding the excess. The European screamo/post-hardcore influence is undeniable (think Daïtro) and the opening is chock-full of dancey, driving emo. At 50 seconds the song slides seamlessly into a dreamy groove that brings to mind Swedish powerhouse Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket and comparisons to fellow Czechs Rutka Laskier being quite accurate indeed. A very good song and EP indeed!

je ne me sens pas très bien
assurément je me fais vieux, mais ce n´est pas grave
c´est la nature - vivre pour la mort
ce qui me rend inquiet ce sont les circonstances
surtout la possibilité de mépriser cet appel
et de ne tirer des conséquences de notre situation fondamentale

j’essayais d’exprimer la raison de l´amertume, la raison de la distance
j’essayais d’exprimer pourquoi le malentendu entre moi et vous
je ne peux pas perdre mon temps à suivre le même chemin

laisse la foule! les mots qui résonnent dans ma tête de plus en plus
comme je me trouve dans des situations qui ne me donnent aucun sens
quitte cette ville et laisse ces gens! oh je connais cette demande
mais ce n´est pas facile: ne sommes-nous pas nous-mêmes à travers les autres?
et d´ailleurs qu´est-ce que celà veut dire: d’être seul?

mais ces mots m´appellent encore: “laisse la société et ses habitudes vénéneuses”
mais ces mots m´appellent encore: “cherche à te reconnaître dans l´inconnu”


I do not feel very well
certainly I got old, but it doesn´t matter
itès nature, living for death
what makes me worried are the circumstances
especially the possibility to ignore this appeal
and not to draw consequences from our fundamental situation

I´ve been trying to express the reason for my bitterness
the reason for the distance
I´ve been trying to express why the misunderstanding
between me and you
I can´t waste my time following the same path

leave the crowd! the words that resonate in my head more and more
as I find myself in situations that make no sense to me
Leave this city and leave these people! oh I know the command
but it is not easy: are we not ourselves through the others?
And besides what does it mean "to be alone?

yet these words still call me: "leave society and its harmful habits
yet these words still call me: "try to recognize you in the unknown


necítím se moc dobře
samozřejmě že stárnu, ale tím to není
je přirozené, že žijeme ke smrti
tím, co mě trápí, jsou okolnosti
především fakt, že mohu přeslechnout tuto výzvu
a nevyvodit důsledky z naší základní lidské situace

snažil jsem se vyjádřit důvod mé hořkosti, mé distancovanosti
snažil jsem se vyjádřit, proč je mezi námi podivné nedorozumění
nemohu již ovšem ztrácet čas následováním stejné cesty

odejdi!" rezonuje mi v mysli stále častěji, když se nacházím v situacích, které mi dávají čím dál
menší smysl
odejdi z tohoto města a opusť tyto lidi!" - ach ovšem, znám tento příkaz
ale není to snadné: nejsme snad sami sebou skrze druhé?
a co ostatně znamená "být sám?

stále však slyším tato slova: opusť společnost a očisti se od jejích zhoubných návyků
stále však slyším tato slova: hledej sebe sama v neznámém


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