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Monday, 19 March 2018


GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Prog Metal / Crust / Doom / Sludge / Ambient
Related artistsFall Of Efrafa, Anopheli, Carnist, Momentum, Farewell To Arms, Oncetastedlife, Martha, The Nepalese Temple BallSchönesende and Archivist.
CountryLondon ENGLAND
Years Active2010-2015
Song: "Primium Movens"
Album: "Lapsus"
Year: 2011
For fans of: RespireFall Of Efrafa, SarinMonuments Collapse, Momentum, Castle, Neurosis, Alaskan, Kraken, Titan, Isis, Buried Inside, Downfall Of Gaia, AmenRa, Rosetta, Cult Of Luna, Locktender, Nine Eleven, Old Man Gloom, Breag Naofa, Amber, (later) Back When, Lamantide, SundowningMilanku, Samarra, Oaken, The Solexine Chapter, Tephra,  and Archivist.
Label(s): Alerta Antifascista / Moment Of Collapse Records / Halo Of Flies Records / Eyesofsound / Glaucoma Releases
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download: the March 2018 Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2018 Mix#4 here.

Let's be honest, by this blog's standards LIGHT BEARER is a pretty big band, or was, I should say. Bearing that in light (ha), I will keep this short and sweet - both by Dave standards, though.

LIGHT BEARER formed in 2010 following Fall Of Efrafa's demise. Even though vocalist/lyricist/artist Alex CF was the only member to move on to this band, the Fall Of Efrafa sound stayed with him, and I believe is a signature at this point and ends up on every release Alex takes part in.

Their first two releases came in 2011, the 'Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God' EP/single and the 'Lapsus' LP. The former is a single track by the same name and is a beautiful, crushing, doomy-yet-uplifting post-hardcore/post-metal song with a first half that interests me but a second half that is straight up ballin'. The latter is a full-on release, containing six songs that are so massive they couldn't even fit on a single 12". It opens with the ominous instrumental/noise track "Beyond the Infinite" which leads into my personal favourite, "Primum Movens". This thing is sensational, clocking in at nearly 14 minutes with an opening as uplifting, serene and light as I've heard from an Alex CF band. At 3:29 the song dips into deep post-hardcore/post-metal/doom waters but still manages to sound uplifting with huge, sprawling guitars and drums like gunshots. The transition and subsequent bombardment at around the seven-minute mark seals the deal on this being a quintessential LIGHT BEARER song. "Armory Choir" is 14:44 while closer and title track "Lapsus" is nearly 18 minutes, with both songs being heaving, epic and punishing as fuck, with the latter being utterly sensational.

In 2012 they released a lone song on the 'Northless split' 12" split...but the song is 20:32 in length! Good lord. In a nutshell the opening of "Celestium Apocrypha; Book of Watchers" is noise, by four and a half minutes the instruments have kicked in with the vocals making an appearance at about 5:15, this builds and climaxes until 10:45. The song meanders around for a bit but drops in like a live grenade at fourteen and a half minutes with some sick dual vocals and guitar solo that leads the song into the outro transition for the final six minutes.

The band's final output came in 2013 with a beautiful final 12"LP titled 'Silver Tongue'. I should also mention this is about His Dark Materials book trilogy that is one of my favourites, but was butchered by Hollywood. Opening with the prodigious "Beautiful Is This Burden", it's like Fall Of Efrafa but even darker yet more beautiful and fuller despite it's 18:16 length! "Amalgam" is killer, as it dumps a plethora of weight at 2:30 with breakdowns and dual vocals equivalent to elemental juggernaut. "Matriarch" follows and reaches over 11 minutes of somber, deep and atmospheric sludge rock that is gorgeous, and truly brings to mind trekking through a medieval forest during dusk. "Aggressor & Usurper" is nearly 17 minutes of awesomeness, followed by the utterly epic title track "Silver Tongue" that brings a tear to my eye at 4:25 and at 19:40 is a fitting swan song for LIGHT BEARER

They broke up almost two years later, citing the importance of friendship over forcing the band. I'm quite sure Alex's next pursuit was Anopheli and is currently you should probably go check those out if you haven't already! Well fuck, that wasn't short at all.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2011 - Lapsus cd/cassette/2x12"LP
2011 - Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God 12"EP

2012 - Northless split cd/12"LP

2013 - Silver Tongue cd/cassette/2x12"LP


(2013) LIGHT BEARER - "Amalgam" (from 'Silver Tongue')

(2013) LIGHT BEARER - "Aggressor & Usurper" (from 'Silver Tongue')

(2012) LIGHT BEARER - "Celestium Apocrypha; Book Of Watchers" (from 'Northless' split)

(2011) LIGHT BEARER - "Primum Movens" (from 'Lapsus')

(2011) LIGHT BEARER - "Lapsus" (from 'Lapsus')

(2011) LIGHT BEARER - "Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God" (from 'Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God')


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Sunday, 18 March 2018

***EMMA GOLDMAN release show***

*EMMA GOLDMAN (tape release)




March 16th, 2018 at The Black Lab in Vancouver, BC Canada

On March 16th, after what seemed like a very, very long time (but was actually only three and a half months) I went to a show. And it was awesome. Not just with the music, but the atmosphere and vibe at this (pretty much) all locals gig was warm, inviting and wonderfully friendly. I was basically attending because my new friends here in B.C. play in TERRIFYING GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL. I was also aware that EMMA GOODMAN had two members of Dad Thighs and it was their debut tape EP release show. Plus I got to distro and meet a ton of other awesome people that I'd likely not have spoken to. To anyone who said hi and/or bought something, y'all were super nice and I can't wait to frequent more shows. Extra thanks to Jill from Dad Thighs and Carson for putting on the show, doing the door and letting me distro. So here are all four bands in the order they played. What a fantastic start to my B.C. experience!

First up was DUCK! from Vancouver. The quintet played a mixture of playful emo twinkles (without a ton of twinkles) and pop-punk. The vocalist really separated this band from others of the styles and brought The Cranberries to mind before anything else, perhaps because of the warbly nature of delivery. She also had to go through two mics before finding a third that didn't cut in and out. Because of that, I've embedded the second of the two songs I recorded below as the mic was working properly, although I'm struggling. In terms of sound they were kind of the odd one out but I generally like a change-up when all of the other bands are hardcore related.
Link to video: *2*
ffo: Desaparecidos, The Cranberries and Joyce Manor

I've spent my only social hours since arriving in BC with friends Miggy and Dov of TERRIFYING GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL (aka TGHS) so it was cool to finally see them play a show. Although, truth be told, I've seen them both play as members of Diva Plavalaguna during a few of their practices and that's all I knew them from in a live setting. In TGHS Dov moves from drums to just vocals, while the Matts take up drums and bass. Did I say bass? I should have said six-string sass bass, cuz holy shit Matt was fun to watch and even more fun to dance to. The band plays a sassy, quirky style of screamo that I would put somewhere between The Blood Brothers and Innards but they've definitely got their own thing going on. So check it!
Link to videos: *2* / *3*
ffo: Diva Plavalaguna, Innards and Senza

I've heard that EMMA GOLDMAN was a more than decent 90s-sounding screamo project featuring Félix and Victoria of Dad Thighs (linked here). I jammed their recently released EP online and picked up three copies from Félix the moment I stepped into the venue, keeping one and posting the other two for sale right here. By the end of the night the 30 copies of the first run was depleted to yeah, people here know how good this band is. The three-piece plays a melancholic and atmospheric post-rock/emo that generally builds to screaming post-hardcore/screamo. There's a bit of driving punk/shoegaze that reminds me of later Animal Faces and Solids as well as heavier and chaotic moments that are more akin to Drive Like Jehu and earlier Animal Faces. I also spoke with the drummer and bassist (Victoria also sings in Dad Thighs) who seemed like awesome people so I'm stoked to see them again. I managed to film their entire set as one 19-minute video for your viewing pleasure.
ffo: Drive Like Jehu, Indian Summer and Animal Faces
Buy a tape from the band here or the ZBR distro here

I'd never heard of ROBERTCOOPERPHILLIPS before, but prior to their set I was able to meet every member of their band as they came over to peruse the distro and say hi (Sarah especially, she bought pretty much every SeeYouSpaceCowboy release 💖) and they were all extremely friendly. They were the only band not from Vancouver and made the trek from Vancouver Island (Victoria, to be exact) and are comprised of a noise specialist, a keyboardist, a guitarist/screamer and a member of Slow Release (linked here) on drums/vocals. They were, for a lack of a better description, fucking crazy. The insane shrieking from the two vocalists were ear-shattering with the band's awkward and disjointed style of emo-violence being well-received by the crowd (myself included) and were invited to watch a crazy movie after the show with some "food". If I wasn't driving an hour and a half home I would have hung out with them for sure. Next time, my friends. Next time.
Link to videos: *2* / *3*
ffo: Jeromes Dream, Slow Release and Flowers Taped To Pens

Thursday, 15 March 2018

***Улыбайся Ветрy album premiere***

Улыбайся Ветрy
'Illusions' 12"LP premiere

For fans of: Loma Prieta, Kidcrash and Shizune.

I've been a huge fan of  Улыбайся Ветрy (I'll save you the translation, it means Smile To The Wind) since I was involved in their split 7" with Italy's Øjne in 2014. I really liked their four songs on the split and grabbed the rest of their previous material (a split with МАЯК and a digital LP titled 'Моменты') which were also excellent. But then, holy shit, then they sent me their tracks for this new 'Illusions' LP and I was flabbergasted. Like, floored...and then thrown down the stairs. 11 songs in 12 minutes. Chaos. Dueling guitars and accentuating bass. Back and forth screaming. Ridiculous drumming. It's all here and it comes packaged in the most beautiful 12" art I've seen in years. Created by Ekaterina Zalesskaya, it looks so damn good I've put one up on my living room wall above the fireplace. You can stream the album below in its entirety via Soundcloud or, if your computer is having issues, I've included my favourite song embedded right next to this here paragraph using Youtube, which should work just fine for ya.

If you'd like to pick up a copy on blue vinyl out of 300, please support one of these international labels taking part in this contender for Album Of The Year:

ships March 21st, 2018

Zegema Beach Records (Canada/BC)
Zegema Beach Records (Canada/Ontario)

Trace In Maze (Germany)
or email them →

Unlock Yourself Records (Russia)