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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Alternative / Experimental
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CountryLong Island/New York City, New York USA
Years Active2003-2008
Song: "Riot Cop Fox Trot"
Album: "Dialogues"
Year: 2004
For fans of: Despistado, Cap'N'Jazz, The Blood Brothers, For The Mathematics, North Of America, Soiled Doves, The Holy Shroud, Sing! Sing! Prison, At The Drive In, Q And Not U, Christiansen, Hot Hot Heat, Hue, Trophy Scars, Lucertulas, Lautrec, Scowler, Hercules Hercules, Ahleuchatistas, Audience Of One, La Dispute, (early) Bright Eyes, Maps And Atlases, Gran Casino, Iggy Pop, Life In Vacuum, The Advantage and The Rabbit Theory.
Label(s): The Tone Library
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The Reptilian, Brother's Keeper,

I first heard ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT from the once great Punknews website. Their style of post-rock and sassy At The Drive In vocals were exactly what I was looking for at the time. Going back to listening to it now is both pleasing and mildly uncomfortable, as the releases are quite good but the sass level is almost pompous at times, most notably in the 2008 release show live videos.

In 2004 ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT released their debut EP on cd called 'Dialogues'. "Riot Cop Fox Trot" is easily contender for the best ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT song, as the opening if obviously reminiscent of Q And Not U, Despistado, North Of America and The Blood Brothers. "The Dead Sleep Here - Theme for Seagulls" and "Parabola Modes" are a little more out there but decent tracks nonetheless. "How Do You Syllabicate Your Name?" gets the groove back on track with really cool instrumentation and guitars not unlike the jazzy Ahleuchatistas and the awkward but sassy early Anthony Green work in Audience Of One. "(Re)Consider the Hysterical Consortium" closes the door on this debut EP with a western influenced intro followed by Cap'N'Jazz noodling and Johnny Whitney crooning.

The band's 2005 self titled 7" 'Encrypt Manuscript' is heavy on the At The Drive In worship, especially in the vocal and lyrical department, although the instrumentals aren't far off, either. "Knife Fight at the Blind Tiger" is up there with "Riot Cop Fox Trot" as the band's sassiest, screamiest and sickest song while "Phantom Limb Pain" is mediocre by comparison but still jazzy as hell - it just doesn't seem all that cohesive.

I had no idea before starting this review, but ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT released a full length LP on cd in 2008 called 'Census' and apparently it was the band's best work. I have been unable to get the files or even stream a song anywhere online so I have no idea what it actually sounds like, but luckily two live videos from said LP's release show were posted and you can check them out below. If you or someone you know has that 'Census' album please please please upload it!


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's EP discography in mp3/wma form.

2004 - Dialogues cdEP

2005 - Encrypt Manuscript 7"EP

2008 - Census cdLP (someone, anyone, please upload this!)


(2004) ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT - "Riot Cop Fox Trot" (from 'Dialogues')

(2004) ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT - "(Re)Consider the Hysterical Consortium" (from 'Dialogues')

(2004) ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT - "How Do You Syllabicate Your Name?" (from 'Dialogues')

(2005) ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT - "Knife Fight at the Blind Tiger" (from 'Encrypt Manuscript')

(2008) ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT - "Two Mice" (from 'Census') live video

(2008) ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT - "Beloved Cyst" (from 'Census') live video


ENCRYPT MANUSCRIPT out of print mp3/wma EP discography download

(download here)


  1. I have census. How can I contact you ?

  2. I played with these guys a few times in PA. Awesome band.