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GenresPunk / Indie / Garage / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Sasscore
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CountrySummerville, South Carolina USA
Years Active2004
Song: "Red Makes White"
Album: "Emo Diaries vol.10"
Year: 2004
Label(s): Deep Elm Records
For fans ofThe Blood Brothers, At The Drive In, Aim Of Conrad, Rye Coalition, These Arms Are Snakes, Encrypt Manuscript, For The Mathematics, Life In Vacuum, Frodus, Dance Disaster Movement, Transistor Transistor, LucertulusPanthersDrummers, Since By Man, The Rabbit Theory, Apollo 18 and Creepozoids.
This post's artist is from the October 2015 Mix. This is track #7.
You can download: the October Mix#10 right here or get the new November 2015 Mix#11 here.

I used to go through all of the Deep Elm compilations because I got 20 cds for $20 a few years back and 10 of those cds were all comps. As I'm always scouring for new bands I came across a select few from those compilations that led to new branches on Dave's tree of music, but none come even close to "Red Makes White" by the enigma that was called HERCULES HERCULES. Enigma? As far as I can tell, yes. I've searched the internet for years looking for material or information about the band that was isolated from the 'Emo Diaries Vol. 10: The Hope I Hide Inside', but to no avail. So I'll discuss the song and band together as there are no other tracks available anywhere that I can find to help give further insight into the band's sound.

So, "Red Makes White" is fucking awesome. In 3:24 HERCULES HERCULES tackles dancy, sassy and semi-screamy post-rock/post-hardcore. Imagine a smoother, more fluid and melodic The Blood Brothers crossed with a subdued Since By Man and some At The Drive In...and aw heck, some Aim Of Conrad thrown in for good measure. The song bounces around with a lot of danceable energy with notable and angular tangents. One such tangent is the extended, slow ... that creeps in at 1:17 and reminds me a heck of a lot of Oceans before 2:06 when it culminates and explodes like For The Mathematics or Frodus. The song continues on its subjectively aggressive path at 2:37 with some excellent emo screams circa 1996 which blend with some nice guitar work that is unfortunately almost buried in the mix. The sheer momentum and force that are anchored with such a "light" sound is uncanny and downright commendable, hence this post.

Seriously, I really love this song. Check it out as you've most likely never heard this before and it kicks some seriously sassy ass.



2004 - The Emo Diaries - Chapter Ten: The Hope I Hide Inside cdLP compilation (download the HERCULES HERCULES track here)


(2004) HERCULES HERCULES - "Red Makes White" (from 'Emo Diaries vol.10')


HERCULES HERCULES out of print mp3 discography download (a whopping 1 song)

(download here)


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