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GenresPunk / Rock / Emo / (mostly) Instrumental / Post-Hardcore / Screamo
Related artistsN/A.
CountryZurich, SWITZERLAND
Years Active2006-2014
Song: "Barbara"
Album: "Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Photographs: Chapter II"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Zegema Beach Records / Miyagi Records / Time As A Color
This post's artist is from the April 2014 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download the April 2014 Mix#4 right here.
For fans ofKC Milian, Q And Not U, Desiderata, North Of AmericaFugazi, 12XU, DespistadoThe Advantage, I Love Your LifestyleBaton Rouge, Animal Faces, Nada Surf, Riddle Of Steel, La Quiete, Raein, Neil On Impression, Adolina, The Travesty StarPolina, Secret Smoker and Hue.

I first had my jaw hit the floor when listening to THE RABBIT THEORY after trading some records to the German-based Time As A Color Records, as I sat down to listen to it in order to write a brief description for the webstore. I got about 20 seconds in and was like, "Woah, this is really catchy." By the time the song had finished and the dual vocalists had shredded my ears after a stunning 2-minute build-up. Seriously, this band was something special.

Unfortunately the band is no more, as a member recently passed. Before he did, the band was able to record 6 final songs, 5 of which appear on the upcoming split with Adolina (another amazing math-rock/punk band) that my label will be handling in North America. They will also have a song on an upcoming split, but the other band has not been set in stone yet. In a nutshell THE RABBIT THEORY played clean, layered mostly instrumental rock that was very driving and epic, with the occasional yelled or screamed vocals.

So let's talk about my favourite tracks, all of which I've posted so you can listen while reading the description, should you choose. Let's start with "The Denial Of Life And Joy vs. Everybody's Right To Beautiful Radiant Things" which is their closing track from their Adolina split. Right off the bat they slide into such a groovy, layered intro and then bring in vocals as well as the drums, which do the breakdown solo as the other instruments keep on strumming. At the 1-minute mark they hit their milieu and pull out those Fugazi/Desiderata-inspired ska/screamo/jazzy instrumentals that get me dancing every fucking time, as well as the 2:25-mark which sends me into an air guitar frenzy. This song has a lot of Neil On Impression, Raein, La Quiete and KC Milian parts, which should give you a good indication of their sound.

"Das Automat" gets into at the 1-minute mark spouting The Advantage style riffs back and forth from the speakers before delving into a KC Milian-sounding clean groove. Totally instrumental. Totally amazing.

"Barbara" jumps right out sounding like it's peeled out from some 70s TV crime/detective chase scene before swerving into breakdown territory Q And Not U-style. As per usual, after a minute the song takes on a louder, epic feel, layering the instruments perfectly. Desiderata comes to mind numerous times during the song, especially when the vocals kick in at the end with some awesome back and forth screaming. This is the song that I first heard after getting a bunch of stuff from Time As A Color, one of the best labels out there right now, bar-none.

"CSI GSCI" is another standout track from the new split Adolina, another amazing band that I'll be reviewing soon. This is the first song on the record and showcases some of the bands spaciest and expansive material in between the beginning and ending sections that yield sparse vocals. I love how this band knew how to use their vocals sparingly so you actually yearn for the vocals. I yearn!
Zegema Beach Records posted the pre-order...right now, so if you want your download code go pick up a copy. I'm down to 28 left for all of North America.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography (minus the Adolina split) in mp3 form.

2009 - Love Life Compilation (contributed "I Don't Trade")

2012 - Disco Doom Split 7"

2013 - Ex-Best Friends Split 7"
2013 - Mock Split cassette
2013 - Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Photographs: Chapter II Compilation (contributed "Barbara")

2014 - Adolina Split 12"LP (pre-order here)


(2014) THE RABBIT THEORY - "The Denial Of Life And Joy vs. Everybody's Right To Beautiful Radiant Things" (from 'Adolina' split)

(2013) THE RABBIT THEORY - "Barbara" (from 'Chapter II' 7")

(2012) THE RABBIT THEORY - "Das Automat" (from 'Disco Doom' split)


THE RABBIT THEORY out-of-print discography mp3 download (minus the Adolina split) / additional links

(download here)

Pre-order the Adolina split here

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