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GenresPunk / Screamo / Post-Hardcore / Grunge
Related artistsFountain Of Youth, Dahling, Capitalist Kids and Ghosting.
CountryAustin, Texas USA
Years Active2014-2015
Song: "Where I Live"
Album: "No Hymns"
Year: 2014
For fans ofPanthers, Since By Man, Cyrus Gold, Transistor Transistor, Orchid, Creepozoidz, Bright Calm Blue, Ice Hockey, Wolf Teeth, Meth And Goats, The Blood Brothers, Vade, Ritual Mess, Hugs and Rye Coalition aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Trends Die Records / Vermin Resplendence
This post's artist is from the November 2015 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download: the January Mix#1 right here or get the new February 2016 Mix#2 here.

I was initially introduced to the now defunct TEENAGE SWOON's Cody Hamm (bass/vocals) sent me their 5-song debut EP to review on the OMSB Talent page (also now defunct). They played sassy punk rock that sounds a hell of a lot like Panthers. In case you didn't know, Panthers were post-Orchid, so imagine 'Gatefold' mixed with a lot of Jayson Green vocals as well as Since By Man worship and you're there. When I spoke to Cody (vocals) about most likely being influenced by Panthers, he replied that he hadn't heard of them. Dang, that's some parallel, mind blowing shit right there.

My initial post on the Zegema Beach Records/OMSB Talent page from 2014 will suffice as a description as I have yet to hear the Resent split songs as the TEENAGE SWOON bandcamp has been removed.

The first song, "Guthrie - Grow Up" screams (literally) Panthers and softer Since By Man (which is not really soft). The band dabbles in sassy, low toned rock'n'roll with some spastic moments where the band steps into screamo/post-hardcore territory with a fine gloss of punk. "Seeing Eye Dogs Go Blind" follows a similar trajectory as the first track, while "Where I Live" has some killer bass riffs and a catchier melody for the singer, as well as some heavy shit near the end. "Inflict That Noise" is so Panthers I almost can't sit still, and again the bassist is killing me with these blasting/bouncy bass riffs. The closer and title track "No Hymns" has more of an aggressive edge than the earlier tracks, and even reminds me of Hugs at times. Good stuff!

I just had an interesting thought. I'd like the band to become a little more mature and polished, but at the same time the last thing I want is for TEENAGE SWOON to release an overly slick, overproduced pile of shit. There's a happy medium there and the band is pretty close to walking it now. But, I do have 2 beefs with the 5 song album. I'm usually all for high bass but this was a little excessive at times and the singing can come across as flat and/or out of tune. Considering how many good things I have to say about this album that ain't too shabby.



2014 - No Hymns cassetteEP (download here)

2015 - Resent split cassetteEP (have this? please post it!)


(2014) TEENAGE SWOON - "Where I Live" (from 'No Hymns')

(2014) TEENAGE SWOON - "No Hymns" (from 'No Hymns')


TEENAGE SWOON out of print 'No Hymns' mp3 download / additional links

(download here)


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