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GenresPunk / Noise / Screamo / Hardcore / Thrash / Experimental / Grind / Post-Rock
Related artistsA Million Fucking Towers, Public Towers, Kick Rocks, The CombineD'Amore, ElderFall On Deaf Years, Hot Bagels, Peter & Craig and AMFDM.
CountryPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Years Active2004-2011
Song: "Awful Grey"
Album: "Full Circle"
Year: 2009
Label(s): Self Released aka Towering Sound / Init Records / Electric Human Project / React With Protest / Protagonist Music / Turnstile Records / Utarid Tapes / S.A.R.S. Records / Hardly Art / Shock Value Records / Erode Releases / Irrational Tentent / HIRS 666 / 
This post's artist is from the August 2015 Mix. This is track #6.
You can download: the September Mix#9 right here or get the new October 2015 Mix#10 here.
For fans of: Rats Into RobotsOld Man Gloom, Loma Prieta, Me And Him Call It Us, (old) Botch, Combatwoundedveteran, Llynch, Cassilis, Bucket Full Of Teeth, The NowSeventeen Again, The Exelar, Creeper, Takaru, Graf Orlock, Examination Of The..., Enkephalin, Crestfallen, Alpinist, Storm{o}, PG.99, Furnace and Spires aka PROPER SCREAMO.

Experimental screamy hardcore, sludge, grind and noise band TOWERS released from 2005 until 2011 with music that taps the buried, primal instincts of our ape ancestors and converts it into a very enjoyable, albeit volatile, audio listening experience. The resulting cacophony erupts sporadically with momentous force and I can't help but be pulled in by this whirling gravitational pull. Listening to TOWERS is a cathartic experience, as it is the audio equivalent of unearthing everything repressed in your life and beating the living shit out of it, and then spitting on the remains. TOWERS were truly a unique specimen and sounded like no one but themselves, but as you know I need to give some kind of relation, so a semi-decent comparison would be a clusterfuck of Spires (epic and sludgy), Rats Into Robots/Examination Of The (chaotic and spacey), Old Man Gloom (fucking nutso) and Me And Him Call It Us (grind and noise).

I find the songs are either good or fantastic, which is better than mediocre or fantastic which seems to be the case with most bands. What I mean is when listening to a record there are still standouts, but pretty much everything is more than decent. Some big blows are dealt in the following songs. "Time Clock Therapy" is Me And Him Call It Us but slowed down, and just as heavy. "Jupiter Jazz" unravels into a nuclear meltdown. "Orange Iguanas" boasts some killer palm muting that reminds me a bit of Furnace and is easily one of my favourites. "Mutagen/Stoner's Pot Palace" beckons whirling guitars at the beginning that dissolve into bombastic noise that is continually ripped apart at the seams and then sewn back together, aka Bucket Full Of Teeth style. This track also incorporates some fantastic palm-muting goodness. "Man With Rocking Horse" is an eerie romp through a post-apocalyptic wasteland that builds for two minutes before going all sexy Graf Orlock at 2:31. "Song of the Dead pg 1" is abrasive and jarring with a very uncomfortable ending that sounds like a post-riot police station while "Song of the Dead pg 2" explodes and dissipates in less than 30 seconds. From the quintessential release 'Full Circle' that was released in 2009 there are amazing dual vocals at 1:35 in "235 Ways to Suck Seed" that are preceded by very interesting carousel/circus music and proceeded by a killer close. "Swells" screams 'We are the Architects of Desire'-era Examination Of The... with the incessant screaming and pulsing nature of the song. A fucking gem, I tell ya. "Awful Grey" may be my favourite TOWERS track, clocking in at 3:27. It begins with a fucked up and sludgy intro that bleeds into palm-muted and screaming heaven 49 seconds in and doesn't let up. This song in particular brings to mind This Ship Will Sink, but with a subdued metallic element and heavier emphasis on sludge and be fucking weird. Speaking of fucking weird, the song from the 2010 split 10" with Dogs Of Ire is called "Priest With Lazer Eyes". The first minute is grating, invasive noise. The remaining three minutes showcase some of the band's most mathematical and precise instrumental work before going apeshit as one would expect TOWERS to do. Many of the band's best work was rerecorded for the 2007 'Towers' LP which I haven't posted many songs for, as I became accustomed to the originals and have discussed many of the already.

It's crazy and difficult to open up to, but once you give it your undivided attention you'll notice that all the parts work and fit together to be a very cohesive whole. Unstable, but whole nonetheless. I have yet to mention the trippy, drug-induced spaciness that lies dormant on some tracks, but eventually comes to the forefront and is reminiscent of the stuff Rats Into Robots used to do. So do yourself a massive favour and download the semi-discography that I've posted below. If you can fill in any mp3 gaps please post them for everyone to appreciate!


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's discography in mp3 form.

2005 - Demo minicdrEP (have this? please post it!)
2005 - Towers 7"EP
2005 - D'Amore split 7"EP
2005 - Take Down Your Art split cassette/10"EP

2006 - Early Demonstrations (split w/Exelar) 12"LP
2006 - US Funk Team split 7"single
2006 - They And The Children split 7"EP
2006 - Summer 2006 cdrLP semi-discrography (have this? please post it!)

2007 - Towers cassette/12"LP

2009 - Full Circle cd/cassette/12"LP

2010 - Ryan Howard's Magical Mystery Tour II (split w/Public Restroom and AMFDM) cdrEP
2010 - Dogs Of Ire split 10"EP
2010 - Hello Kitty Police cassetteLP

2011 - HIRS spilt 5"single
2011 - 424 Bel Air Demos cassetteEP
2011 - 424 Bel Air Highrise Plantation digitalLP


(2005) TOWERS - "Orange Iguanas" (from 'D'Amore' split)

(2005) TOWERS - "Time Clock Therapy" (from 'Take Down Your Art' split)

(2006) TOWERS - "Mutagen/Stoner's Pot Palace" (from 'Early Demonstrations')

(2006) TOWERS - "Man with Rocking Horse" (from 'They And The Children' split)

(2006) TOWERS - "Song of the Dead pg 1" (from 'US Funk Team' split)

(2006) TOWERS - "Untitled" (from 'Emo Apocalypse' comp)

(2007) TOWERS - "The Last 100 Miles" (from 'Towers')

(2009) TOWERS - "235 Ways to Suck Seed" (from 'Full Circle')

(2009) TOWERS - "Awful Grey" (from 'Full Circle')

(2009) TOWERS - "Swells" (from 'Full Circle')

(2010) TOWERS - "Priest With Lazer Eyes" (from 'Dogs Of Ire' split)


TOWERS out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)



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