Sunday 13 September 2015

***PODCAST #1 "a premiere of sorts" 09-13-2015***

(((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) Podcast Premiere

I took a shot at compiling a 30-minute podcast. I don't really sound much like I do in real life and I say "uhhh" a whole lot but it can only get better from here. If this is something you enjoy and want me to continue please let me know in the comments section. I'm hoping to do many of these in the future including a bunch of guest spots with friends and family in the area (Hamilton/Toronto) as well as bands who tour through and stay at my place. This particular podcast (#1) has the juiciest Zegema Beach Records news ever and the information won't be posted anywhere else until tomorrow. I'm stupid excited.

Much love,

Dave / OMSB / ZBR

P.S. here's the link to the home of the (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) Podcast portal:

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