Wednesday 7 February 2024

*** PODCAST #144 Elias Amini (Not Just A Phase) ***

     Elias is a true gem of the screamo scene. Much like Sascha Kie from Twin Cities Screamo, this dude has lived and breathed screamo for the last 20 years although not necessarily participating directly in the music's creation. Working alongside Rob and others at Not Just A Phase as well as doing additional work on the Skrammies, interviews, and articles for other publications. I've been wanting to talk to this encyclopedia for a while so this was very refreshing. Some things discussed: the birth of a piano-driven screamo band with Elias in a sequined dress...The Piano Grapes, the boy-band phase & songs about fuckin', Eyeball Records sampler, Interpunk orders, Circle Takes The Square forever (and their forum), elitist screamo brain, a Pokemon/Magic tangent, joining Not Just A Phase, dream interviews, ditching high school friends that don't listen to screamo, the Captain Planet era, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Brava Spectre, Caught In The Fall, Die Princess Die, Endamori, Mans, and War Crimes. Listen to podcast #144 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 Screamo as a Dream
MANS "Look At What You Did, You Little Jerk" (Elias)
CAUGHT IN THE FALL "Good Luck at the D & D Tournament" (Dave)

Chug Life as a Personality
WAR CRIMES "Salt of Sodom" (Elias)
ENDAMORI "Shredder" (Dave)

3 Hand Grenades as an Interview Style
BRAVA SPECTRE "Cuss Tongue" (Elias)
DIE PRINCESS DIE "Cinatic" (Dave)



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