Thursday 1 February 2024

*** PODCAST #143 Matt Perrin (Horseboy, Big Water, Joust) ***

     I've been following the Kansas City scene quite closely since becoming friends with Bobby Johnson back in oooooooo 2013 or so. Therefore I caught wind of Big Water before their debut EP even came out, snagged a copy of Leg Yield, and have been utterly smitten lately with Horseboy. Matt Perrin plays in all of said bands plus a bunch more, so with the imminent release of the Horseboy EP on cassette I figured it was high time to give that hilarious and awesome dude a call! A coupla things discussed in this podcast: video game soundtrack influences, playing in Vestibule/Bummer/Blue Healer/Big Water/Horseboy/Joust/Leg Yield, navigating the proto internet, computer as a pacifier, the Kansas City Screamo Three Houses era, exclamation points as sassy indicators, "snare go pang" aka team basketball snare, the balance between proficiency and visual entertainment, doll/bad/worst house, bein' weird in Missouri, Big Water was conceived for three reasons and one of them is to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, the secret behind Leg Yield, annoying Capsule, Horseboy as a foal + Kat saving the band + their upcoming cassette on Tomb Tree + upcoming new material, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Capsule, For The Mathematics, Gxllium!, Heavy Vegetable, Jota, and Robotosaurus. Listen to podcast #143 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 The Christian Metalcore Door
ROBOTOSAURUS "Party Sick" (Matt)
GXLLIUM! "Taking Mary's Virginity" (Dave)

Robert Johnson & KC's Perpetual Rebirth
FOR THE MATHEMATICS "redlightexitsignpastiche" (Dave)

3 Horseboy For President
CAPSULE "Ferox" (Matt)
JOTA "Dyspnea" (Dave)



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