Sunday 11 February 2024

*** EMMA GOLDMAN + TREACHERY + ANDROGYNE live show review ***




Live Show Review

Last night I made the trek from Ladysmith to Victoria with my friend and bandmate Branden and had a blast. I went to see EMMA GOLDMAN primarily, as they had sent me studio videos of their upcoming album and I got pretty damn excited at the sound of the new material. They did not disappoint.

Closing out the night and absolutely fucking killing it was my friends in EMMA GOLDMAN. My first BC show was their Demo release show back in 2018 or something. They have grown leaps and bounds, and with Vee moving to vocals and Hayley joining on bass this band is heavier and better than ever. Falling somewhere between Blind Girls and Nuvolascura, this four-piece hits four primary pillars of heavy/techy screamo, danceable portions, glitched-out interludes, and lulling emo/posty sections. Just fucking floored over here.
(2024) EMMA GOLDMAN full set

This band hadn't played a live show in a year and tore that place up. Very violent pit. Thunderous breakdowns. Vicious vocals. They played a new jam but I didn't capture that on film. I did see that guy get slammed into the speaker pole which gave him a pretty bad concussion. Hope that dude went to the hospital and is okay.

Oh shit this what became of GUSH! I spoke with Alexis outside (guitar, also in Jesei) and found that missing link that I was totally unaware of. People dug the shit out of this band and they put on a great set. They land somewhere on the deathy/grind spectrum.

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