Tuesday 13 February 2024

*** ONEWAYMIRROR + GXLLIUM! exclusive song premiere ***

"Let's Make the Most of This"
"If Hector Was a Beaver"
exclusive song premieres

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Love Lost But Not Forgotten, In Loving Memory.gif from god and Hayworth

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     If you're in the screamo-know, then you are probably already familiar with west coast bands GXLLIUM! and ONEWAYMIRROR whom each released a debut full length in late 2023, and both of which reached the Daves Best of 2023 list. A mere six weeks ago the bands reached out letting me know they had a new split in the works that would end up on cdr and if Zegema Beach Records wanted to be involved. Without hearing a single second of material I jumped all over it and agreed. A few days back I got the masters and just shit all over my bedroom. Split of year? So far...hell yes. This thing is fucking exceptional, and from two young bands it just makes me ecstatic about the future of screamo.

(2024) ONEWAYMIRROR "Let's Make the Most of This" (from 'Gxllium!' split)
Following up on their sensational debut self-titled 12"LP, Onewaymirror's two songs are an extension of the full length and hit so fucking hard. This is the first of their two and their In Loving Memory and Love Lost But Not Forgotten influences are still apparent, but the band creates a space for themselves with a unique spin on it all, and being as young as they are it's mindboggling to think what might be coming out next. P.S. those last 45 seconds are god-tier.

(2024) GXLLIUM! "If Hector Was a Beaver" (from 'Onewaymirror' split)

Yo what the fuck. This split opener is absolutely bonkers! Jumping from their always fantastic chaotic destruction to their first real melody injection - and it comes in the form of the mad tapper before jumping back into the black hole that is Gxllium!!!! According to the band, this song is about the band's friend Hector losing their house.