Monday, 23 May 2022

PODCAST #89 GG (Soul Glo, Weather Lore)

I love me some GG. After meeting him on the Weather Lore tour in Canada in 2016 (goddamn you Hamilton and your shitty turnouts aka linked here but scroll down a bit for the show review) we stayed in touch and when SOUL GLO released their new, incredible, mind-bending, genre-mashing, album 'Diaspora Problems' was released I hit him up about a podcast. I knew we'd have a good time and all, but we had a blast. It was awesome getting reacquainted with such a lovely, honest, funny, gifted individual. We showed each other some sweet music, opened up and got all vulnerable, as well as discussed: improvising after border issues, being a goddamned ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalist, boomboxes in the laundromat, hangin' with the older crowd, Peruvian DIY arcades, the best ska bands of all time, Blood Brothers praise, lookin' for Ross Robinson, fun vs. serious, Weather Lore, joining Soul Glo, moving in with Pierce, what the fuck is Ableton?, the creation (and pronunciation of) 'Diaspora Problems', his favourite songs from the new album, Peruvian screamo, pretending to be Rick Rubin, being Un-Dave, friends/support systems, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Bandmanrill, Fiesta Bizzara, Manu Chao, Rahzel, Special Interest, and The Vogue. Listen to podcast #89 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

SPECIAL INTEREST "Don't Kiss Me In Public" (GG)
THE VOGUE "The Medicals" (Dave)

BANDMANRILL "Heart-Broken" (GG)
RAHZEL "All I Know" (Dave)

MANU CHAO "Clandestino" (GG)
FIESTA BIZZARA "Arequipa" (Dave)

no music



PODCAST #89 linked here

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