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@The Globe in Nanaimo on June 3rd, 2022
Live Show Review

I've been living on Vancouver Island since 2018. How many shows have I been to? Two. A sick Life In Vacuum show in Victoria years ago and my friend's band in Nanaimo about three years back. Honestly, it feels like I'm 100% removed from the scene here and it's fucking weird. So this show was a huge opportunity for me to break down the barrier that is the Nanaimo scene and talk to some great people, shoot some sick bands, and see my friends from Denmark/Italy in Hexis.

Nanaimo locals mixed together an eclectic set that this particular video I took doesn't really represent. This is more Evanescence with hardcore/metal but some of their other material (the 2nd last song in particular) went heavy on the black/death metal and included some righteous bellows. I also noticed that the vocalist's singing got stronger as the set went on so if you have the chance to see them live, it's like this video but like...way better.
For fans of
Evanescence and Made Of Babies


In terms of Dave Norman, this band was probably the most suited to my personal taste. They sounded kind of like Orphaned and Hope Drone (atmospheric black metal) but with less screams and more gutteral black metal vocals. In typical Dave fashion I recorded the worst of the band's three songs (this song still rules, but those other two were incredible) so imagine a much faster and mathier version of this Victoria trio. I spoked with Aidan (vox/guitar) after their set and they have a new album coming out this year! Stoked.
For fans of
Orphaned and Spectral Wound


This Vancouver band made the trek to play this show and obviously have been doing this for awhile as they knew their shit. Their guitarist/vocalist made both riffin' and screamin' look ridiculously easy, the other guitarist threw up some sweet licks and additional atmospheric tones, the bassist rocked the fuck out, and I'm surprised that drummer didn't puncture his snare drum cuz goddamn that was powerful.
(2022) SVNEATR
For fans of
: black metal in general


Holy shit. That was unreal. I've seen Hexis in Europe play at a bigger venue and it was awesome and everything, but being up front and blasted with that light show was insane. Unfortunately the videos came out hella fucked cuz of the strobe lights, but you get the idea. Filip, Luca, and gang lit that shit up, playing a ton of material in less than 30 minutes and literally blowing everyone away. The way they do the slow lull, stop, and then hit massive breakdowns is truly something to behold live. Also be sure to watch Luca play as he morphs from his usual smiley, super nice self into a being of pure evil with one helluva power stance. If you are in Canada (or even near the border) you need to check this tour out.
(2022) HEXIS
For fans of
O and Tentacles

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