Friday, 12 June 2020

***PODCAST #43 - Amy + Cory (Obroa-skai/Rayleigh)***

Who doesn't love Amy and Cory? Honestly? These two have been ridiculously active in the Edmonton scene for years, as both played in Rayleigh and now rock out with Durell in OBROA-SKAI. My partner Lisa and I got along with the two of them swimmingly at 2019's Zegema Beach Records Fest so we decided to do a double-date podcast. Find out the couple's origin story, what they're gearing up for, and why your band should play Edmonton if going playing Western Canada. If you haven't checked out their new split with Ysidro and 4-Way with Coma Regalia, Indisposed and 소나기 then you can by clicking through the OBROA-SKAI bandcamp below. If interested, you can check out the podcast I did with Durell right here in which we also discuss his old band Mahria. Podcast #43 is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


ASPERGERS - "Пыли" (Dave)
ZETA "Mochima (feat. Alejandra Campos)(Amy+Cory)
DANIEL STRIPED TIGER - "Goldwood" (Lisa)

PYRAMIDS "Stationed(Cory)
BLACK CHANNELS - "Visit the Windows" (Dave)
MARÉE NOIRE - "Aller (Sans revenir)(Amy)MARA'AKATE - "Congratulations On Your Impending Nupitals" (Lisa+Dave)



PODCAST #43 linked here

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