Thursday, 9 January 2020

***JESPER's Top 10 albums of the decade***

A Lot of the 90’s are coming back, things like industrial samples and individuality is just flourishing. Here’s a few of my top picks to celebrate that we are entering the 20’s.

The Stargazer Lilies - We Are The Dreamers
Like entering the black lodge, only that it’s filled with guitar pedals and lush reverberating vocals just cascading down on you, this tune just takes its toll and transports you to a safe space free from the troubles of everyday life. Many bands try to re-invent the shoegaze genre but few have accomplished it as well as The Stargazer Lilies.

Killers Walk Among Us - Från Ramberget Ser Jag Allt Som Någonsin Hänt Oss Här
Coming from the tragic point of lead singer Stefans passing, this song just hits me harder every time I listen to it. I rediscover it every year and it opens a door that can’t be shut. It touches the essence of change, how hurt you can get, how much hurt you can give and how hope can spread with just a moment. A magical album that only gets better with time, as you age it will just follow and never leave you like the love you deserve to sometime feel.

Lingua Nada - Habiba 
Remember racing through the tracks in Mario Kart, swooshing by palm trees and red turtle shells? Well, this is what it sounds like. Warm, lush and playful guitars blended with soft singing combined with the ever changing structure, just like a race it flows on to both sonically deafening shores alongside the sunny sands. Their album ‘’Djinn’’ is a fantastic record that combines genres like noise-rock/pop/electro and alternative rock.

TR/ST - Iris
Synth bass and crystal clear shimmering, all together with a confident development TR/ST goes through all the stages of dynamics during the album ‘’Destroyer - Pt 2’’. No mood is left behind and no mood is left unexplored. Every song gets a chance to show off it’s very own soundscapes, telling the story of how vivid and threatening everything can be.

Soft Kill - Tin Drip Foil
I’ve been following Portrayal Of Guilt for a while (a honourable mention of my AOTY’s) and when they released their split with Soft Kill i just listened to their song on repeat for two days straight. I got so starstruck. I’m not joking. My bandmates got annoyed but i just couldn’t get enough. The song repeats perfectly, creating no necessary end. It’s truly one of the few songs that I could never get enough of. A beautiful mix of repetitive drums over a soothing hook, just going, going on. I did everything to this song beside sleep.

Admiral Angry - Plastic Bath
Thick and nasty sounds, making me question whether or not disease can possibly spread through audio. ‘’Buster’’ is one of the most hard-hitting albums out there. My friend Kami first introduced me to this monolith of creation and I can simply say that I have not heard a contender to it’s fulfillment yet. ‘’Buster’’ stands undisputed as champion of audible filth and decay.

Celeste - À défaut de te jeter sur ta progéniture
Black vails upon black vails, red light and smoke. This is one of my favorite songs of Celeste, who also has my envy for one of the most occult and interesting live shows. Going through their discography a lot of the albums contain the same raw locomotive motion and i feel like this track contains the whole spectrum at its peak.

Lingua Ignota - May Failure Be Your Noose
I stumbled upon Kristin by accident when I went to see Author & Punisher at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg, Sweden this year. She completely took up all space, and every attendees undivided attention. She made me afraid in the most wonderful way, the lyrical and musical theme goes together like tar overflowing the entire Vatican city. Slow, steady and unable to escape.

Rinoa - Fires In The Distant North
I don’t remember how i found out about Rinoa, guess they just appeared out of thin air.
Subconsciously they influenced me to write a lot of arctic and ambient music, allowing me to discover the vastness of space that sound can make. Some songs can tell stories of countries far away, and this place that they sing of is haunted by a deep blue lonely cold. 

Zheani - Carry On
Fluctuating between rap/emo/electro and horrid screams Zheani is as heavenly as she is deadly. Self-reflective lyrics blended with depth and delivery, Carry On is one of her best tunes since the infamous release of ‘’The Line’’. The ep ‘’Satanic Prostitute’’ is definitely one of my precious finds in 2019. Distorted drums and spooky loops at it’s finest.

Written by Jesper J. Jungermark
active in Nathan Aeli & Young Mountain

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