Thursday, 12 September 2019

***GHOST SPIRIT exclusive song premiere***

exclusive song premiere
For fans ofLord Snow, Youth Funeral and Tower Of Silence

Another year means another GHOST SPIRIT full length, with 2019 unleashing 'Hourglass' upon the world on October 16th via Blue Swan Records and Twelve Gauge Records on clear, black and white 12"s. I've heard the entire record and it's without a doubt their best work. The sceamy songs are more chaotic and the melodic tunes are as catchy and driving as ever. Today we're premiering "Rome" aka track two (of 8) which falls in the much more chill and melody driven category. If you are somehow unaware of this California powerhouse, they have members of Nuvolascura, Curtains, Elle, Lord Snow, Fight Fair, Seeing Means More, Calculator and Letters To Catalonia so there's no way in hell this can't be amazing.

(2019) GHOST SPIRIT "Rome" (from 'Hourglass')
"Rome" falls right in between the ripping opener and stellar third track, attacking with righteous hooks and a nice balance of clean vocals and throat-shredding screams. As usual the drums are outstanding with Niko's signature guitars washing over the listener and the bass keeping it all together. You'll notice the first half is kind of poppy, then it slides into a heavier section before getting epic and journeying through the post-hardcore realm. It's a lot to take in in just 2:04 but something tells me you'll be listening to this again...and again...and again...


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