Friday, 21 June 2019

***INDISPOSED exclusive song premiere***

"Mason Kid"
song premiere
For fans ofTower Of Silence, Pianos Become The Teeth and Ghost Spirit

Chicago's INDISPOSED is a diverse, emo/screamo band that has shared members with You Folk, 100 Options, Cori, Bishop and Highdiver and just released a new song called "Mason Kid". It's a pretty dark-yet-hopeful sounding post-hardcore/screamo jam that crosses a bit of Ghost Spirit with Young Mountain for an excellently epic sound. The song can be found again later this summer on the band's upcoming EP. They've got a show coming up with Overo (linked here) on June 23rd and another with Frail Body (linked here) on July 31st.

(2019) INDISPOSED "Mason Kid" (from 'Mason Kid')

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