Wednesday, 19 July 2017


***exclusive song premiere***

Greg from the incredible People's Temple Project and the diy-as-fuck Akashita Corporation label asked me just last night if I could premiere a song from their upcoming 12-minute tape compilation. The name of the comp is 'Innovations In Sound and Communication' and will be available via cassette from the Akashita Corporation really soon. There will be new music from Under A Sky So Blue, Majorel, Heritage Unit, The Ultimate Screamo Band, Aspine and Apostles of Eris. Go to the Akashita Corporation bandcamp page right here, as the full tape comp will be available this weekend, July 23rd or so.

The song we are premiering today is from our good Richmond, Virginia friends in MAJOREL, for whom we released their debut cassette EP 'Restlessness In Memory' on Zegema Beach Records earlier this year, which you can pick up right here. This song, titled 'Ivory Tower', is culled from those same, initial recording sessions and has a similar feel but walks a much more extreme path. Wasting no time, the song kicks in with multiple vocalists right from the get-go and opts for more melody than the usual during the first half of its 2:37 length. Once 1:12 hits the song rips into another, darker gear altogether and fucking shreds, with an exceptional low/high screaming trade-off from 1:45 until the close. Yet another phenomenal MAJOREL song. If you haven't checked out this band yet you are doing yourself an unspeakable injustice, as their full EP will be in my top five of 2017, no doubt.

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