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GenresPunk / Chaotic Hardcore / Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Hardcore / Sludge
Related artistsBiipiigwan, Jesus MulletThe Chariot and Swarm Of Spheres.
CountryKingston, Ontario CANADA
Years Active2000-2008
Song: "Iseah's Life"
Album: "Don't Worry Lady"
Year: 2006
For fans ofMares Of Thrace, Isis, Norma Jean, Lyed, The Bled, The Chariot, Crrust, The Armed and Old Man Gloom.
Label(s): Self Released / Underground Operations / Blacula Records / DogBus Records
This post's artist is from the May 2017 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download: the July 2017 Mix#7 right here or get the new August 2017 Mix#8 here.

I'm not 100% sure how I found out about I HATE SALLY. I know I saw them live at the Opera House back in the mid-2000s but I'm quite sure that I was already aware of the band by that point. Regardless, I am somewhat versed in the 'Don't Worry Lady' LP but otherwise I have little to no knowledge of their other recordings, and as much as I may have dug them over a decade ago, I'm not hankering to search out more music in conjunction to the plethora of awesome stuff rolling in through my email. So...here goes.

I HATE SALLY released 'Don't Worry Lady' in 2006 and seemed to get instant recognition. After an initial 26-second intro "Song of Deborah" takes hold and caresses your hand for more than the first minute in lulling post-hardcore/post-metal before getting all I HATE SALLY on us. That's a good thing. Strained, screamed female vocals are accompanied by the odd male backup throat shreds and sludgy, head-bobbing hardcore instrumentals that lean more toward post-hardcore as the speed is much more subdued. "Hannah Hannah" is much more venomous and busts outta the gate with dark, rolling bass and snarled screams. This track, along with "Bathsheba of Seven" and "Martha Served" all have official music videos which are worth checking out, especially the latter two which are embedded below, with all three songs having quite a few similarities in sound as well as length (about three minutes each). "Iseah's Life" is my personal favourite and its 8:56 length speaks to its prodigiousness. The song gets fast and rockin' not unlike Every Time I Die but stays rooted in deep, chaotic hardcore and metalcore such as early Norma Jean, The Chariot and perhaps most obviously Mares Of Thrace. "Iseah's Cancer" is next and does the slow, instrumental jam thing. "Mary! Mary!" is 4:12 of hellish hardcore with a doomier handle while "Anna's Empty Conscious for the Blessed" is a massive 9:51 with ridiculous breakdowns as early as 40 seconds in, and it's also my second favourite tune on here. The closer "Eve, Be Dear to Him" is nearly six minutes of I HATE SALLY on speed, with a much heavier emphasis on punk and hardcore instead of metal.

A pretty cool, heavy, Canadian band from the mid-2000s...mmmmmm.



2003 - Sickness of the Ages cdLP (download here)

2005 - The Plague cdEP

2006 - Don't Worry Lady cdLP (download here)

2007 - GFK split cdEP

???? - Live From the Woods Behind Your House dvd


(2007) I HATE SALLY - "A Whole Lie (A Fool)" (from 'GFK' split)

(2006) I HATE SALLY - "Martha Served" (from 'Don't Worry Lady') music video

(2006) I HATE SALLY - "Iseah's Life" (from 'Don't Worry Lady')

(2006) I HATE SALLY - "Bathsheba of Seven" (from 'Don't Worry Lady') music video

(2005) I HATE SALLY - "Clean Up the Blood" (from 'The Plague')

(2003) I HATE SALLY - "Iron Fist" (from 'Sickness of the Ages')


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